General Information Bulletins

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GIB #17-05 - GIB #17-05 PDF(pdf165KB)
Diversity Plan for Positions Requested Outside of the Competitive Class
GIB #17-04 - GIB #17-04 PDF(pdf148KB)
Professional Career Opportunities (PCO) Eligible Lists
GIB #17-03 - GIB #17-03 PDF(pdf66KB)
Revision of Statewide Employment Application
GIB #17-02 - GIB #17-02 PDF(pdf15KB)
Change in Jurisdictional Classification of Food Service Worker 1, Grade 5
GIB #17-01 - GIB #17-01 PDF(pdf36KB)
Engineering Title Consolidation


GIB #16-05 - GIB #16-05 PDF(pdf18KB)
Office Assistant 1 (Keyboarding)
GIB #16-04 - GIB #16-04 PDF(pdf20KB)
New Information and Self-Service Options in ELMS Online
GIB #16-03 - GIB #16-03 PDF(pdf36KB)
Investigator Title Consolidation
GIB #16-02 - GIB #16-02 PDF(pdf14KB)
Agency Workforce and Succession Planning Guide
GIB #16-01 - GIB #16-01 PDF(pdf9KB)
Title Transfer Reference System (TTRS)


GIB #15-03 - GIB #15-03 PDF(pdf72KB)
Examination Request Program
GIB #15-02 - GIB #15-02 PDF(pdf321KB)
Fair Chance Hiring Application Revisions and Statewide Employment Application
GIB #15-01 - GIB #15-01 PDF(pdf79KB)
Public Administration Traineeship Transition Program (PATT) Eligible List


GIB #14-04 PDF(pdf93KB)
Veterans Temporary Hiring Program and Portal
GIB #14-03 PDF(pdf186KB)
Professional Career Opportunities (PCO) Eligible Lists
GIB #14-02 PDF(pdf68KB)
Revisions to the NYS-APP
GIB #14-01 PDF(pdf88KB)
The 55-b/c Recruitment Resources Center


GIB #13-01 PDF(pdf21KB)
Amendment to the New York State Constitution re Eligibility for Disabled Veteran Credits on New York State Examinations


GIB #12-04 PDF(pdf22KB)
Civil Service move from AESSOB to Agency Building 1
GIB #12-03 PDF(pdf30KB)
Application Filing Period for Examinations
GIB #12-02 PDF(pdf45KB)
GIB #12-02 Update PDF(pdf12KB)
Beginning Clerical Worker Eligible Lists appropriate to fill Keyboard Specialist 1 Positions
GIB #12-01 PDF(pdf27KB)
New New York Leaders: Student Intern Program


GIB #11-04 PDF(pdf34KB)
Marriage Equality Act
GIB #11-03 PDF(pdf12KB)
Examination Application Deadline Dates
GIB #11-02 PDF(pdf14KB)
Electronic Reemployment Card System
GIB #11-01 PDF(pdf15KB)
Results of Brynien v. Department of Civil Service, et al. - Status of Incumbents


The Department of Civil Service did not issue any GIB's in 2010.


GIB #09-09 PDF(pdf37KB)
New On-Line Examination Program to Fill Professional Accounting and Auditing Positions
GIB #09-08 PDF(pdf13KB)
Eligible List Management System On-Line
GIB #09-07 PDF(pdf15KB)
New Application Requirements to Employ Retirees Pursuant to Section 211 of the Retirement and Social Security Law
GIB #09-06 PDF(pdf12KB)
Video of April 2009 RIF Training
GIB #09-05 PDF(pdf14KB)
Eligible List Management System On-Line
GIB #09-04 PDF(pdf116KB)
New Procedures for Requesting, Receiving Seniority Rosters
GIB #09-03 PDF(pdf12KB)
Appointment Processing: Budget Division Approval Requirements
GIB #09-02 PDF(pdf13KB)
Addition of Anticipated Eligibility for the Open Competitive Minimum Qualifications for the Professional Careers in Accounting and Auditing (PCAA) Examinations No. 20-802/3/4/5 and 20-822/3/4/5
GIB #09-01 PDF(pdf20KB)
Fees for Processing Promotion/Transition and Open-Competitive Applications and the New Application Form for NYS Examinations


<GIB #08-09 PDF(pdf13KB)
Diversity Data
GIB #08-08 PDF(pdf20KB)
Amendment to the New York State Constitution re Eligibility for Disabled Veterans' Credits on New York State Examinations
GIB #08-07 PDF(pdf21KB)
Email Distribution of General Information Bulletins, State Personnel Management Manual Updates, and Attendance and Leave Manual Updates
GIB #08-06 PDF(pdf13KB)
Retirement and Social Security Law section 211
GIB #08-05 PDF(pdf13KB)
Commission Actions Posted to the Public Website
GIB #08-04 PDF(pdf21KB)
Appointment Processing: Budget Division Approval Requirements
GIB #08-03 PDF(pdf12KB)
Forms Provided on Our Website
GIB #08-02 PDF(pdf13KB)
§55-c/DCS/DOL/DVA Initiative
GIB #08-01 PDF(pdf13KB)
New FMLA Benefit for Family Members of Military Personnel


GIB #07-06 PDF(pdf57KB)
Title Structure Changes for G-23 Through M-3 Information Technology Titles
GIB #07-05 PDF(pdf15KB)
New Title Series, Payroll Examiner
GIB #07-04 PDF(pdf15KB)
Timely Submission of NYSTEP Transactions
GIB #07-03 PDF(pdf15KB)
Request for Extension of Employee Leave of Absence pursuant to Section 5.2 of the Rules of the Classified Service
GIB #07-02 PDF(pdf13KB)
Suspension of Promotion Test Batteries Program
GIB #07-01 PDF(pdf27KB)
Redesigned Oath and Statement Forms for Newly Hired State Employees and Public Officers

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GIB #06-05 PDF(pdf93KB)
2006 Beginning Clerical Worker Eligible Lists
GIB #06-04 PDF(pdf58KB)
Appointing Authority Application for Extension of Employee Leave of Absence
GIB #06-03 PDF(pdf61KB)
Termination of Employees who Fail to Maintain Statutory Requirements for State Positions
GIB #06-02 PDF(pdf61KB)
Changes to the Beginning Clerical Worker Examination Program
GIB #06-01 PDF(pdf94KB)
Promotion Test Batteries - Amendment to Scheduled Holdings for 2007

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GIB #05-04 PDF(pdf84KB)
Promotion Test Batteries - 2006 Update
GIB #05-03 PDF(pdf25KB)
Criminal Records Check of Applicants and Appointments to Non-Licensed Titles Involved in the Direct Care or Supervision of Patients
GIB #05-02 PDF(pdf81KB)
Keyboard Specialist 1 Managed Placement Program Discontinued
GIB #05-01 PDF(pdf77KB)
Exams Involving Minimum Qualifications and Promotion Test Battery Scores Only

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GIB #04-01 PDF(pdf39KB)
Announcing the SPMM E-Mail Alert Service

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GIB #03-05 PDF(pdf36KB)
Extension of Eligibility for Keyboard Specialist 1 Candidates
GIB #03-04 PDF(pdf59KB)
Electronic Distribution of SPMM Updates and GIB's
GIB #03-03 PDF(pdf576KB)
Update to Reemployment system User's Manual
GIB #03-02 PDF(pdf74KB)
The Roles of the Department of Civil Service and The Partnership in Transition Traineeships
GIB #03-01 PDF(pdf64KB)
Reductions-in-Force and Reemployment - Research Scientists

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GIB #02-07 PDF(pdf136KB)
Announcement Notification Service
GIB #02-06 PDF(pdf130KB)
New Staffing Services Division Page now available on our web site
GIB #02-05 PDF(pdf44KB)
Amendment to Retirement & Social Security Law (Age lowered to 65 for unlimited compensation.)
GIB #02-04 PDF(pdf43KB)
Corrected NOTICE for the Promotion Test Batteries - 2002
GIB #02-03 PDF(pdf121KB)
Promotion Test Battery Information [included with supply to Personnel Offices]
GIB #02-02 PDF(pdf43KB)
Social security numbers on certifications of lists, April 2, 2002
GIB #02-01 PDF(pdf69KB)
DCS New Security Procedure, April 24, 2001

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GIB #01-06 PDF(pdf50KB)
Appointment Processing: Amended Budget Division Approval Requirements, December 26, 2001
GIB #01-05 PDF(pdf75KB)
Appointment Processing: Budget Division Approval Requirements, October 23, 2001
GIB #01-04 PDF(pdf82KB)
Special Military Benefits for State Employees Activated in Connection with
the Events of September 11, 2001; September 28, 2001
GIB #01-03 PDF(pdf95KB)
"What the DCS will do to support staff in this time of crisis", September 19, 2001
GIB #01-02 - [not provided here]
Included with the supply of Promotion Test Battery Guides provided to agency Personnel Offices; August 9, 2001
GIB #01-01 PDF(pdf150KB)
Appointments to Senior Attorney/Hearing Officer and Traineeships; April 24, 2001

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GIB #00-04 PDF(pdf100KB)
List Eligibility, as stipulated in Section 52.15 of the Civil Service Law
GIB #00-03 PDF(pdf188KB)
Appointment to Senior Accountant/Senior Auditor Positions and Traineeships
GIB #00-02 PDF(pdf118KB)
Promotion Test Battery Guides
GIB #00-01 PDF(pdf48KB)
Reemployment Opportunities

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GIB #99-02 PDF(pdf120KB)
Promotion Test Battery Guides
GIB #99-01 PDF(pdf56KB)
Special Military Leave: U.S. Support of Operations

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GIB #98-05 PDF(pdf56KB)
Professional Entry Program (PEP) Initiative--Accounting/Auditing/Finance Positions
GIB #98-04 PDF(pdf118KB)
Promotion Test Battery Guides
GIB #98-03 PDF(pdf111KB)
"Rollout" of New York State Electronic Personnel system (NYSTEP)
GIB #98-02 PDF(pdf43KB)
Staffing for Year 2000 projects
GIB #98-01 PDF(pdf59KB)
Change in Hiring Freeze Guidelines

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