Effective January 1, 2018, New York's Paid Family Leave will provide paid time off to employees who need time away from their jobs to help them bond with a child, care for a close relative with a serious health condition, or help relieve family pressures when a family member is deployed abroad on active military duty.

The Paid Family Leave benefit is available for New York State Management/Confidential (M/C) employees in Bargaining Units 06, 18, 46, and 66. State employees in the Executive Branch who are represented by a union will have access to Paid Family Leave when the State and their respective union reach an agreement to provide the benefit to its members.

Paid Family Leave guarantees that employees will be able to continue their health insurance while on leave and return to their same or comparable job after their leave ends.

Paid Family Leave is available for up to eight weeks in 2018. Coverage increases to 10 weeks in 2019 and 12 weeks in 2021. Leave can be taken either all at once or in full-day increments.

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Eligibility Criteria  

All eligible employees are entitled to participate in Paid Family Leave.

Employees are eligible regardless of their citizenship and/or immigration status.

Agencies will provide a PFL waiver form(pdf679KB) to employees who do not meet eligibility requirements.

For additional information on eligibility criteria, click here.(External Link)


Paid Family Leave benefits phase in over four years, beginning January 1, 2018. During 2018, employees can take up to eight weeks of Paid Family Leave and receive 50% of their average weekly wage (AWW), capped at 50% of the New York State Average Weekly Wage (SAWW). An employee's AWW is the average of your last eight weeks of pay prior to starting Paid Family Leave. The SAWW is updated annually and is available here(External Link).

To view Paid Family Leave Benefit examples for 2018, click here.(External Link)

Payroll Deductions for Paid Family Leave  

New York's Paid Family Leave Program is employee-funded. Payroll deductions for M/C employees will begin on January 4, 2018 (Institution Payroll) and January 10, 2018 (Administration Payroll).

The 2018 Paid Family Leave deduction is capped at 0.126% of an employee's weekly wage, up to the Statewide Average Weekly Wage.

To calculate your weekly payroll deduction, visit www.ny.gov/PFLcalculator(External Link).

Apply for Paid Family Leave Benefits  

M/C employees who wish to utilize Paid Family Leave benefits must notify their agency personnel administrators 30 days in advance (if practicable). If your agency's human resources office is with the Business Services Center (BSC), they will complete the employer section of the claim form. If you have any questions, contact the BSC Personnel Administration Unit at BSCPersonnelAdmin@ogs.ny.gov or (518) 457-4272.

Once employees have notified their agency personnel administrators of their intent to utilize Paid Family Leave, they are encouraged to call MetLife at 1-800-300-4296 to begin the process to receive benefits.

Alternatively, employees can begin the process by completing a claim form. Detailed instructions are provided on the back of each claim form.

Note: M/C employees may receive PFL benefits either by check or direct deposit. Employees wishing to receive payment through direct deposit must complete and submit MetLife's Electronic Funds Transfer Form. To access this form, click here(pdf44KB). No action is necessary if an employee prefers to receive payment through a check.

Request Forms  

For all Paid Family Leave Requests:

Step 1:

MET-PFL-1(pdf876KB) — Request for Paid Family Leave

Step 2:

Employees must complete the other request forms specific to the type of leave they are taking, and supporting documentation.

For Child Bonding Requests:

MET-PFL-2(pdf255KB) — Bonding Certification

For Family Care Requests:

MET-PFL-3/MET-PFL-4(pdf265KB) — Release of Personal Health Information/Health Care Provider Certification of Family Member with Serious Health Condition Under the Paid Family Leave Law

For Military Leave Requests

MET-PFL-5(pdf201KB) — Military Qualifying Event

Step 3:

Employees must submit METPFL-1, the other request forms specific to the leave they are taking, and supporting documentation to MetLife via email, US mail, or fax.

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