New York State agencies are hiring for thousands of critical positions open across the state. To help agencies fill these positions, the Department of Civil Service has developed the NY Hiring for Emergency Limited Placement Statewide (NY HELPS) Program. This program streamlines the appointment process to allow State agencies to hire diverse, qualified permanent employees quickly and without examinations. New State employees hired under the NY HELPS Program will be appointed on a permanent basis.

Job Titles

There are thousands of positions open in the NY HELPS program. They range from direct health care to Highway Maintenance Supervisors.

Traditionally, the titles filled under the NY HELPS Program required job candidates to compete in a competitive examination to be considered for employment. For the duration of the NY HELPS program these titles will be filled via non-competitive appointment, which means examinations are not required, but candidates must meet the minimum qualifications of the titles for which they apply.

Job titles included in the NY HELPS program can be viewed on our Glossary of Titles (GOT-IT) search tool, using the button below. You can review job duties, minimum qualifications, salaries and do a keyword search on titles.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can view NY HELPS Job Postings on https://statejobs.ny.gov/(External Link).
To narrow your search for NY HELPS jobs, click on "For the General Public".
Select "YES" in the NY HELPS field.
Press submit. This will bring up all of the NY HELPS jobs that are available.
Once you find the job in which you are interested and qualified, review the entire job posting. Directions to apply will be specified on each individual job posting.

About the Program

The Department of Civil Service first launched the HELP program in April 2023 at both the state level to address the workforce shortage in critical health and safety titles. The original HELP program included about 150 titles and addressed emergency staffing situations by allowing state agencies to more swiftly hire candidates that meet the minimum qualifications for those positions.

The HELP program has been crucial in growing both the State workforce. To date, nearly 7,600 individuals have been hired into health and safety positions through this program, helping to reduce the staffing shortages in these crucial roles.

To help more New York State agencies hire talented candidates, the Department of Civil Service implemented an expanded program - called the New York Hiring for Emergency Limited Placement Statewide (NY HELPS) program. Through NY HELPS, all State agencies will temporarily be authorized to make appointments to nearly any position typically filled on an open-competitive basis.

The expanded NY HELPS program will enable New York State agencies to hire diverse and talented candidates on a permanent basis to help grow the state workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things To Know About the HELPS Program

You may have a lot of questions when thinking about the NY HELPS program or during your search for your next career. Below are the top 3 commonly asked questions regarding the HELPS Program. If you have additional questions please see our HELPS FAQ page.

How do I apply for a job in the NY HELPS program?
Job postings for NY HELPS program titles can be found at StateJobsNY(External Link). To focus your search, please enter "NY HELPS" in the search field. The job posting will indicate whether the title is part of the NY HELPS program, as well as the minimum qualifications and who to contact to apply for the job.

I'm on a current eligible list for a title now part of the NY HELPS program, what are my employment options now?
NY HELPS increases employment options for all individuals, whether on an eligible list or not. If you are on an eligible list for a NY HELPS title you are still eligible for appointment from that eligible list, subject to the Rule of Three and any other requirements of the title. NY HELPS appointments may also be made to some titles with existing open-competitive eligible lists.

I am a current NYS employee, am I eligible for the NY HELPS program?
Yes, current State employees may apply for and be appointed via NY HELPS to vacant positions for which they meet the minimum qualifications. Please contact your agency Human Resources staff for more information.

Local NY HELPS Program

Some local civil service agencies are participating in the HELP Program. They are urgently looking to fill positions. Click on the button below to find out what positions are available, near you.


For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the NY HELPS program, visit the FAQ page . For all other questions, please email pio@cs.ny.gov.