Administrative Directory

Acting Commissioner Lola W. Brabham
Deputy Commissioner for Operations Rebecca Corso
Deputy Commissioner for Municipal & Local Government Services Joe Cavazos
Assistant Commissioner for Strategic Planning & Management Ellen Kattleman
Director, Public Information Jian Paolucci
Director, Financial Administration Dominique Choute
Director, Human Resources & Administrative Planning Valerie Morrison
Director, Internal Audit Jeff Stein

Counsel's Office
Special Counsel J. Marc Hannibal
Legislative Coordinator Lisa Fox

Classification & Compensation (C&C) administers a sound and responsive position classification and compensation plan that ensures fairness, equity, and sensitivity to market conditions; and helps the State attract and retain talent. This is accomplished through review of requests for new positions, changes in the title and salary grade of existing positions, and salary differentials; and establishment of title specifications. C&C also serves a consultative role in the rightsizing of State government by its work helping newly organized or reorganized agencies achieve organizational structures conducive to their missions. Abner JeanPierre
Office of Commission Operations assists State agencies in discharging their duties under the oversight of the State Civil Service Commission. Commission staff reviews, analyzes and provides recommendations on matters presented to the Civil Service Commission, providing an independent assessment on a wide range of state and local requests. These requests include jurisdictional classifications, appeals, changes to Civil Service Rules and Regulations, matters of local civil service jurisdictions, operating division staff requests and other matters requiring Commission determination. Al Jordan
Employee Benefits (EBD) has the lead role for administering the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP), one of the largest public employer health insurance programs in the nation, covering more than 1.2 million lives. Program administration includes maintenance of enrollment records; technical support to front-line human resources staff in more than 1,300 State and participating local government agencies; premium billing, cash receipts, vendor payments and accounting; contract procurement and vendor administration; enrollee customer services; and benefit plan communications.

Jim Dewan

Employee Health Service (EHS) offers medical examination services, including pre-employment, fitness-for-duty / return-to-work, and occupational health examinations, for all New York State departments and agencies. EHS provides agencies with a determination of an individual's ability to safely perform the duties of a State job title and assists agencies to fulfill mandated medical monitoring requirements. In addition, Health Service Nurses perform occupational health screening and immunization services throughout the State. Maria C. Steinbach
Municipal Services provides technical advice and assistance to 95 local civil service agencies on the full range of civil service activities as required by Civil Service Law. Division staff also support the Commission in its monitoring of New York City's provisional employee reduction activities, review of local rulemaking proposals and analysis of section 211 waiver requests. The Division delivers an annual Civil Service Institute, a three-week training program for local HR professionals. Joe Cavazos
Deputy Commissioner
Staffing Services Division (SSD) is responsible for assisting State agencies with staffing the State service. SSD provides merit system guidance and oversight: examination planning, development and implementation; personnel recruitment and placement services; career mobility guidance; eligible list management; appointment transaction processing and payroll certification to over 70 State agencies. In carrying out these responsibilities, SSD staff interacts with a variety of clientele, including personnel and program representatives of State agencies, current and former State employees, job seekers, and employee organizations. Scott DeFruscio
Strategic Planning & Management (SPM) performs management activities designed to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working together to achieve measurable results. The Division also leads critical Department projects, manages state-wide reporting and provides oversight for information technology projects and support. Ellen Kattleman
Assistant Commissioner
Testing Services (TSD) is responsible for the development, administration, scoring, and validation of tests for State agencies and local jurisdictions. TSD is divided into two major functional areas: Test Development, which is responsible for examination planning, test development, post-test analysis, and validation; and Testing Systems and Support, which is responsible for coordinating testing information systems, and for test administration, the production of test booklets and related test materials, printing and shipping, and scoring tests. Rene Shekerjian