TO: Department and Agency Directors of Human Resources, Personnel and Affirmative Action Officers, Equal Opportunity Specialists, Diversity and Inclusion Specialists

FROM: Jessica Rowe, Director of Staffing Services

SUBJECT: Revision to the Statewide Employment Application

DATE: February 19, 2021

As a result of the passage of Chapter 490 of the Laws of 2019, also known as the Restoration of Honor Act (ROHA), the Department of Civil Service (DCS) has revised the Statewide Employment Application which has been posted in the Human Resources Professionals Business Suite, at

Language has been added to Part 2 and 2A documents. You will find the updated language in the "Wartime Veterans Status" and "Applicant Background Questions" (Question 10) sections on both documents.

Information regarding ROHA can be found on the New York State Division of Veterans' Services' website at Link).

As with the original application, Human Resource (HR) Officers, or their designees, are responsible for the appropriate branding and subsequent distribution of the Employment Applications within their agency. To the extent that your agency must collect additional information specific to the agency, an addendum may be used to capture such information.

However, please note that applicants for employment shall not be asked to provide information regarding Criminal History* and any addendums to the Statewide Employment Application must be reviewed and approved by DCS. Questions regarding the Statewide Employment Application should be directed to your agency's designated Staffing Services Representative.

* The only exception to this policy is where certain criminal convictions, by law, preclude applicants from employment in the job title at issue, unless a certificate of relief from disabilities, a certificate of good conduct, or an executive pardon is obtained.