TO: Deputy Commissioners for Administration, Department and Agency Directors of Human Resources, Personnel and Diversity and Inclusion Specialists

FROM: Michael Washington, Director

SUBJECT: Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan and Framework Implementation Plan

DATE: January 4, 2019

The Department of Civil Service, Office of Diversity and Inclusion Management (ODIM) was created in 2018 to support New York State at both the enterprise and agency levels in strategic efforts to increase diversity in the workforce, foster respectful and inclusive work environments, and create pathways for incorporating equal opportunity principles into the State's business and operational policies and practices, and the many vital programs and services delivered to the public.

As part of these efforts, ODIM provides the following resources designed to inform decision-making and enhance the competencies needed for building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the State of New York:

Strategic Plan for Statewide Diversity and Inclusion (the Plan)

Development of the Plan began with a comprehensive review of research to identify current best practices in diversity and inclusion at both the macro and micro-levels of organizational performance. This review resulted in the identification of four comprehensive Statewide objectives:

  1. Develop strategic leaders
  2. Recruit and retain talent
  3. Foster inclusive culture
  4. Deliver effective programs and services

Framework and Implementation Plan (the Framework)

The Framework is designed to offer State agencies tactical guidance for establishing and maintaining standards to help integrate diversity and inclusion practices into their existing organizational and business activities. The initial steps in developing the Framework were to define diversity and inclusion, create a vision for the future, and establish values to guide the State in achieving its vision. The Framework will support efforts at the enterprise and agency levels during initial implementation through the operational and maintenance phases of organizational change across eight areas critical to success:

  1. Informed and committed leadership
  2. Clearly articulated roles and responsibilities
  3. Continuous policy review and development
  4. Dedicated resources
  5. Collective accountability
  6. Education and training
  7. Program plan integration
  8. Performance measures

Agencies should rely on the overarching principles and objectives stated in the Strategic Plan and use the Framework to take immediate action to improve their connections with employees, residents, and the diverse communities of the State, and to remain competitive and effective in delivering programs and services.

For questions regarding the Plan and/or Framework, agencies should contact their Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at the Department of Civil Service Office of Diversity and Inclusion Management (ODIM) at 518-473-2288 or by email at