TO: Department and Agency Directors, Human Resources and Affirmative Action Officers

FROM: Scott DeFruscio, Director of Staffing Services

SUBJECT: Use of the Diversity Management Option for the Professional Career Opportunities (PCO) Exam

DATE: March 23, 2018

The purpose of this General Information Bulletin (GIB) is to highlight and provide additional information on the use of the Diversity Management eligible lists associated with the Professional Career Opportunities examination (PCO), as outlined in GIB 17-04.

The intent of the Diversity Management Option is to provide agencies with qualified candidates to fill positions in which the ability to perform the established duties entails an understanding of diversity management and equal opportunity principles. Once an agency has identified such a position, the agency Human Resources Office may request a Diversity Management eligible list for the subject title by following the procedures outlined below.

To qualify for placement on Diversity Management eligible lists, candidates must have met the following minimum qualifications:

  1. 30 semester credit hours in the study of people of diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds; gender; socioeconomic class; sexual/affectional orientation; or disability, with no more than six of the semester credit hours in a language area; OR
  2. One or more years of active involvement or work experience with or for a Community Group or Advocacy Organization whose mission or goal is to promote practical solutions to ensure equality of rights and/or remove barriers of discrimination based on racial, ethnic, and cultural background; gender; socioeconomic class; sexual/affectional orientation; or disability. Appropriate part-time and volunteer involvement or experience which can be verified will be accepted on a prorated basis.

Examples of a qualifying Group or Organization include, but are not limited to, an equal employment opportunity (EEO) or civil rights organization, a sorority or fraternity, a minority neighborhood association or organization whose mission or goal is to promote practical solutions that address the challenges faced by individuals due to their racial, ethnic, and cultural background; gender; socioeconomic class; sexual/affectional orientation; or disability (e.g. Centro Civico, NAACP, Out & Equal, the Aids Council).

Requesting a Diversity Management List

The Department of Civil Service (Department) established Diversity Management lists for the following categories:

Before requesting a Diversity Management list certification for a position, the agency must:

NOTE: Agencies may use either the base list or the Diversity Management list for each title to fill a single position. For example, if an agency wanted to fill two Job Program Specialist positions and it has been determined that knowledge/experience in EEO principles would enhance the ability to perform established duties of one of the positions (perhaps based on programmatic goals), the agency could use the Jobs Program Specialist - Diversity Management list. However, the second position that does not require knowledge/experience in EEO principles could still be filled utilizing the Jobs Program Specialist base list.

Once a base list or a Diversity Management list is utilized to fill a position, agencies are bound to that list for that position only, for one year. If the Diversity Management list is exhausted, the agency may request approval from their Staffing Services Representative to use the PCO base list or the Public Administration Traineeship Transition (PATT) list. Transfer candidates may be considered for appointment to Diversity Management positions but transferees must meet the Diversity Management qualifications described above.

PCO List Numbers

List Number List Name
26240 PCO - Generalist Job Titles (Generalist)
40000 PCO - Generalist ��� Diversity
40001 PCO - Generalist - Chinese Language
40002 PCO - Generalist - Chinese Language - Diversity
40003 PCO - Generalist - Creole Language
40004 PCO - Generalist - Creole Language - Diversity
40005 PCO - Generalist - Farsi Language
40006 PCO - Generalist - Farsi Language - Diversity
40007 PCO - Generalist - French Language
40008 PCO - Generalist - French Language - Diversity
40009 PCO - Generalist - Italian Language
40010 PCO - Generalist - Italian Language - Diversity
40011 PCO - Generalist - Korean Language
40012 PCO - Generalist - Korean Language - Diversity
40013 PCO - Generalist - Manual Communication
40014 PCO - Generalist - Manual Communication - Diversity
40015 PCO - Generalist - Polish Language
40016 PCO - Generalist - Polish Language - Diversity
40017 PCO - Generalist - Russian Language
40018 PCO - Generalist - Russian Language - Diversity
40019 PCO - Generalist - Spanish Language
40020 PCO - Generalist - Spanish Language - Diversity
50000 PCO - Select Titles

If additional information is needed, please contact the PCO Unit at: or by phone at (518) 473-5151.