TO: Department and Agency Directors of Human Resources, Personnel and Affirmative Action Officers, Equal Opportunity Specialists, Diversity and Inclusion Specialists

FROM: Michael Washington, Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Management
Jessica Rowe, Director of Staffing Services

SUBJECT: Posting Requirements for 55-c Eligible Positions

DATE: June 17, 2020

On November 11, 2019, in continued support and respect for the veterans that have served our state and nation, Governor Cuomo signed a package of bills to enhance and bolster protections for New Yorkers who serve or have served in the Armed Forces.

Senate Bill 3300 (S.3300/A.6297)(External Link) requires employers to prominently indicate if a work opportunity is 55-c eligible. Section 55-c of the Civil Service Law(External Link) authorizes 500 positions be set aside for disabled veterans. This is a reminder that all agencies must prominently display in their job postings when a job is 55-c eligible, so that qualifying veteran applicants know of the opportunities available to them. To that end, each eligible posting should contain the following language in a space allocated for 'additional comments':

This position may be designated 55 b/c and is subject to verification of applicant eligibility.

For questions or technical assistance, regarding the 55b/c program, please contact Nichole Harden in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Management at (518) 473-8961, or send an email to

For questions regarding posting eligibility, please contact Staffing Services at 518-473-6437.