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State Management Personnel Manual

0000 Introduction

0040 Manual Format


The following explanation of the organization of the Manual's chapters and their respective subdivisions should facilitate effective use of the Manual.

.110 Table of Contents

.111 Preceding each chapter of the Manual is a detailed table of contents indicating each item issued or presently anticipated.

.112 For those items which have been issued, there is an indication of the number of pages and date of issue. In some cases, where revisions have been made, separate issue dates for individual pages may be noted.

.113 Where there is no issue date or number of pages indicated, no material has yet been issued.

.114 The Table of Contents should be updated, as appropriate, each time you receive a transmittal memorandum (see 0050.112, below). It is also advisable that changes which are made in the form of "Policy Bulletins" (see .124, below) be noted in pencil in your Table of Contents. The entire Table of Contents for given sections will be revised and reissued periodically as necessary.

.120 Manual Items and Elements

.121 Where possible Manual items will typically have four basic elements:

  • Background - Background for any item will seek to place the item in its proper perspective in terms of New York State personnel management. This perspective may include the philosophy or rationale underlying the item as well as pertinent historical or legal information;
  • Policy - Policy material is intended to provide guidance for making appropriate determinations. Except in limited circumstances, policy will not tell the administrator what decision must be made, but rather what must be considered or taken into account when making a decision;
  • Interpretation - Interpretation of law, court decisions, and policy will be included in an item where its presence will help provide- a better appreciation for and understanding of the focus, direction, and rationale of the item;
  • Procedures - Procedures provide the "how-to" where appropriate, for implementing the determinations made pursuant to policy.

    .122 While all four elements will not be found in all items, virtually every item will contain either a policy statement or a set of procedures.

    .123 In situations where elements are inseparable a combination of two elements will be found under a combined heading.

    .124 In addition to the specific items which make up the Manual itself, there will be periodic issuances of material in the form of Policy Bulletins and Advisory Memoranda, described in greater detail under Section 0050 "Maintenance of the Manual", below.

.130 Codification


.131 The first four digits of the item code refer to the specific chapter and the item within that chapter. This code is found in the page header.

    A. the first two digits designate the chapter;

    B. the second two digits designate the item within that chapter.

.132 Within each item, primary subdivisions are indicated in decimal notation. The elements described under .121 above are coded as follows:

    .1 Background

    .2 Policy

    .3 Interpretation

    .4 Procedure

.133 All subsequent subdivisions will be handled in succeeding series of digits and letters which should provide almost limitless flexibility for internal development.

    TM-1 4/26/82