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State Management Personnel Manual

0000 Introduction

0050 Maintenance Procedures


Revisions and additions to the Manual will be issued to agencies through regular transmittal memoranda, policy bulletins and advisory memoranda.

.110 Regular Transmittal Memoranda


.111 As indicated previously, the basic Manual material will be issued in the form of codified items punched for insertion in a standard three-ring binder.

.112 All material distributed for permanent or semi-permanent inclusion in the Manual will be issued under the cover of a serially-numbered transmittal memorandum which will be signed by the Executive Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Civil Service. Material which is purely advisory and/or of temporary importance will be issued in the form of separately numbered advisory memoranda which will also be signed by the Executive Deputy Commissioner.

.113 It is important that the most recent copy of the transmittal memorandum be maintained in the front of the Manual. It should be replaced with each subsequent issuance of the transmittal memorandum covering each revision.

.114 Should you receive a transmittal memorandum which is not the very next one in sequence to the last one you received, it is probable that you are missing one or more previous issuances. You should contact this Department as soon as possible to obtain replacement copies of the missing materials.

.120 Policy Bulletins


.121 In most cases, individual Manual items will remain essentially intact until the entire item can be revised against the context of the proposed change.

.122 When there is a need for a critical revision to be implemented without delay, the specific revision only, in the form of a State Personnel Management Manual "Policy Bulletin," will be issued under a special transmittal memorandum (essentially as any other revision or new material would be issued), on blue-colored stock . Policy Bulletin material will supplement the existing item until the item can undergo complete revision. In all cases, Policy Bulletin material will be controlling pending reissuance of the item.

.130 Advisory Memoranda


.131 Where it is desirable to disseminate information having a peripheral or temporary impact on Manual material, this will be issued as a separately numbered "Advisory Memorandum" on yellow-colored stock. Advisory Memoranda will normally have a specific "pull" date after which this material may be removed from the Manual to make room for subsequent issuances.

TM-1; 4/26/82