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1205 (H) Open End Examinations


.110 Legal Basis

.111 Section 57 of the Civil Service Law permits the establishment of a continuing eligible list for any class of positions for which it finds inadequate numbers of well-qualified persons.

.120 Considerations

.121 An open ended examination should be considered when it is not clear that the resulting eligible list will be adequate to fill all the existing vacancies and it is desirable to reserve the option of administering subsequent test holdings. In a sense, it represents an insurance policy designed to save time and effort. It differs from a continuous recruitment situation where chronic shortages are anticipated, where it is not expected that the initial test holding will fill all vacancies, and several test holdings will be administered.

.122 Open ended examinations are typically used for high level, low volume titles. That is, for titles having specialized qualifications, for positions in scattered or remote locations, or for titles in which it is critical that the individuals to be appointec have exceptional skills and abilities.

.123 The open ended examination is designed to fill existing vacancies and then be terminated. It is not appropriate for classes with frequently recurring vacancies for which continuous recruitment testing would be more appropriate.


.210 Requirements

.211 Requirements for holding an open end examination, aside from the above general considerations, are the same as those for all open competitive examinations.

.220 Announcements

.221 The open end examination announcement has a life of one year from the date of issue, and a statement regarding this will appear in the announcement. If the need exists after one year, a new announcement with a new number must be issued, and a new eligible list established. In situations such as this, placing the examination on "continuous recruitment" may be appropriate and should be considered as an alternative.

.222 The announcement should also indicate that as the need arises, additional qualified candidates may be tested. If successful, their names will be added to the eligible list on the basis of test score.

.230 Applications

.231 Applications can be accepted and the examination administered during the one-year life of the announcement or until the examination has produced sufficient eligibles to fill the vacancies, whichever comes first. The announcement will include a statement to this effect. Applications received after the announced filing date may or may not be considered, depending on the need. Therefore, there may be only one holding or several holdings of the examination.

.240 Veterans' credits

.241 Veterans' credits are applied in the same manner as in all open competitive examinations.

.250 Eligible Lists

.251 The minimum life of end eligible list is one year from the date the last name is added to the list.

.252 The maximum life of an eligible list is four years from the date of establishment, unless extended pursuant to Section 56 of the Civil Service Law.

.253 If there is more than one holding of the examination, names of successful candidates are interfiled in score order on the eligible list.

.254 Eligibles on open end lists are not removed from the list after one year's eligibility, but remain eligible throughout the time the list is in existence, which may be up to a maximum of four years from the initial date of establishment of the list.

.255 If a new open end examination is needed after the expiration of the one-year filing period, a new announcement must be issued, and a separate eligible list reflecting the reannounced examinations will be established.

.256 When more than one open end eligible list exists at the same time for the same title, the first list is certified for one year from the date the last name is added. This list is then superseded by the second list. The second list may be certified before the year is up when there are less than three names remaining on the first list, as provided in Section 60.1 of Civil Service Law.

.260 Retests

.261 A candidate tested in one holding of an open end examination may not compete in subsequent holdings of the same open end examination. This fact should be included in the announcement. However, if the examination is reannounced the candidate may apply for and compete in the new examination.

.270 Review and Appeal

.271 After the initial holding of an open end examination, which is subject to the normal review and appeal process, no further review of the written test is allowed, with the exception of computational review of a written test paper. Candidates are allowed review and appeal of oral tests and evaluations of education and experience. After oral tests, candidates, upon request, may be furnished with numerical and narrative summaries of their performance and may review tapes of their oral test. For evaluations of education and experience, candidates may be provided with the approved rating scale and an explanation of its application.


.410 Approval

.411 Staffing Services Section shall obtain the approval of the Deputy Director of Staffing Services prior to announcing open end examinations.

TM-6, 5/27/83

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