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1205 (I) Comparable Promotion Examinations


.110 Purpose

.111 Section 243.5 of the Military Law provides that if a promotion examination is held while a public employee otherwise entitled to participate is on military duty, the employee shall be eligible for a comparable examination provided that the employee requests it within sixty days after reentering public service. If the employee passes the comparable examination, and the agency has not reached that score, the employee's name is placed on the regular eligible list, provided it is still in existence. When the final rating is such that the employee would already have been reached for appointment, the employee's name is placed both on a special eligible list and the regular eligible list. The individual's eligibility lasts for two years from the placement of his/her name on the special eligible list. The special eligible list is certified before any subsequent list, including a preferred list. An employee promoted from a special eligible list shall he entitled to retroactive seniority to the date upon which any eligible was appointed with the same or lower score from the regular promotion eligible list. This retroactive seniority shall apply in the following cases: 1) computing seniority credit, 2) computing training and experience credit for promotion, and 3) determining eligibility for admission to promotion examinations.


.210 Request for Comparable Examinations

.211 The returning veteran has the responsibility for finding out what promotion examinations were held during his/her military service. Agency personnel officers should advise returning veterans of their rights tinder this section of the Law and to contact the State Civil Service Department. The Department of Civil Service will provide information on all promotion examinations missed while a veteran was on military duty upon the request of such veteran within sixty days of that individual's restoration to 'his or her position. It is not necessary that the veteran file examination application(s) within the sixty-day period. The filing of the request satisfies the statute. The request for a comparable promotion examination cannot be made until the applicant has been restored to State service and must be made
in writing and signed by the applicant.

.220 Scheduling of Examinations

.221 The Department of Civil Service will hold the examination(s) for which the veteran is eligible within six months of the date requested. The examination(s) will be scheduled to give the veteran as much time to prepare as was given the candidates in the original examination.

.222 Returning veterans who have missed more than one Promotion examination for the same title are given a single examination, which will be considered as comparable for each of the examinations missed. In determining whether a veteran successful in such single comparable examination would have been reached for appointment, it is necessary to determine to which rank he/she would have been entitled on each of the examinations which were missed.

.223 A candidate who fails to appear for a comparable promotion examination shall he disqualified. A request for postponement of a comparable examination received prior to the date of examination will be considered on its merit.

.230 Veteran's Credits

.231 Claimants for additional credits in a comparable examination must show that they were entitled to such credits at the time of establishment of the original list --not at the time of establishment of the special eligible list.

.240 Holding Vacancies for Comparable Candidates

.241 Appointing officers will he notified of comparable examinations being given to their employees so they will be able to hold vacancies for them, if it is appropriate to do so.

.250 Eligible List Status of Successful Candidates

.251 A successful candidate whose name would have been reached for a permanent-or contingent permanent appointment,. is placed on a special eligible list for two years and on the original eligible list if it is stilt in existence

.252 In determining whether a successful candidate would have been reached for appointment, the candidate's score is based on his/her
rating plus additional credits, if any.

.253 If the original eligible list is still in existence and the successful candidate would not have been reached for appointment, the candidate's name is entered on the original list in score order. In such case. the candidate's eligibility will expire with the list.

.254 No eligible list status is granted to a successful candidate if the original list has expired and the candidate would not have been reached for appointment on the original list. (See Eligible List Section ______).

TM-7, 12/12/83

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