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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 09-03

1200 Examinations
June 2009

This Advisory Memorandum supplements and updates State Personnel Management Manual Advisory Memorandum #05-05. Please file this Memorandum with Advisory Memorandum #05-05.

Chapter 192 of the Laws of 2008 amended subdivisions (2) and (3) of §243-b of the Military Law to grant the same rights to members of the United States armed forces who missed application deadlines for civil service examinations due to active military duty [other than active duty for training] as are provided to members of the reserved armed forces and organized militia. These benefits apply to candidates for open-competitive, transition, and promotion examinations without regard to whether the candidate is a current New York State employee.

For questions concerning civil service examination and eligible list rights for individuals who are currently performing or have previously performed ordered military duty in the United States armed forces, reserve armed forces, and National Guard, contact your Staffing Services Representative.