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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 88-01

1205 (J) Accelerated Examinations Program
February 26, 1988

T0: Agency Heads, Agency Personnel and Affirmative Action Officers

FROM: Commissioner Valter D. Broadnax

SUBJECT: Accelerated Examinations Program

DATE: February 26, 1988

As part of our continuing efforts to improve services to agencies, I am pleased to announce an Accelerated Examinations Program (AEP). This program is intended to provide a mechanism which will enable agencies to make permanent appointments to newly classified titles. It will also expedite the filling of vacancies in existing titles where timeliness is critical. This program compliments our current examinations program and should go a long way in reducing the need for non-permanent appointments in these situations.

An agency may submit a request to its Staffing Services Representative for an "Accelerated Examination" for any title meeting the program's guidelines. In order to facilitate the examination process, AEP's will make use of off-line processing of the examination request, and announcement preparation, printing and distribution as well as for examination development and test scoring.

The AEP is intended for use when:

  • There is a need to quickly fill a vacancy(ies) on a
    permanent basis.
  • There are a small number of positions to be filled, as well
    as a small anticipated field of competition (usually less
    than 10).
  • The requesting agency is willing and able to provide
    necessary information and assistance, and
  • For newly classified titles, Division of Classification and
    Compensation approval has been obtained. It is not
    necessary to have obtained Division of the Budget approval
    to fill the position prior to requesting an accelerated
    examination. However, such approval will be required prior
    to holding the examination. No application processing fees
    will be required for accelerated exams.

An accelerated-examination represents both a shared commitment by and a shared responsibility of the Department of Civil Service and the Agency. To be successful, an agency may have to commit staff and resources to portions of the examination process where previously they may only have had limited responsibility. Areas of shifted or shared responsibility could include the writing, printing and distributing of examination announcements, recruitment, application review, test development and test administration. The party responsible for each AEP activity will be identified as part of the initial planning phasq and these agreements should be seen as a 'contract' between the Civil Service Department and the Agency.

Requests for an accelerated examination should include:

  • an explanation why accelerated testing is appropriate
  • a description of the duties and required knowledge, skills and abilities
  • proposed minimum qualifications
  • proposed test type
  • a recruitment plan for open-competitive examinations or a description of the promotion field for promotion examinations.

The Staffing Services Representative will review the request with the agency and the Division of Affirmative Careers. If a decision to proceed with an accelerated examination is reached, Staffing Services, the agency and the Division of Affirmative Careers will meet to develop the selection plan, identify the party(ies) involved in each step in the accelerated examinations process, and establish a timetable for announcing and administering the examination.

This effort is only one of a series of steps that are being taken to improve our delivery of examination services. The Accelerated Examinations Program is being instituted on a trial basis and will be evaluated after the first year.

If you have vacancies to fill in a title which you feel may meet the criteria for an accelerated examination, please consider making use of this new program. All inquiries regarding the Accelerated Examination Program should be directed to your agency's Staffing Services Representative.

NYS Department of Civil Service


Possible Responsible Party (ies)
Agency contacts its Staffing Services Representative requesting an Accelerated Examination (AE); initial contact may be by telephone for an informal determination but formal processing will not begin until a written request is received
Staffing Svcs

The written request should include:

  • a description of how the selection situation meets the AE criteria
  • a description of the duties and knowledge, skills and/or abilities required for the position
  • proposed minimum qualifications
  • proposed test type (T&E, oral, written, combination)
  • proposed recruitment plan (identification of anticipated field of competition and how they will be made aware of the examination)

A copy of this request should be forwarded to the Department's Division of Affirmative Careers (DAC)

Upon determination that the AE criteria are met, the Staffing Services representative notifies the agency and DAC and schedules a meeting to develop the overall examination plan
Staffing Svcs
At the AE meeting, the details of the selection plan are finalized and a-timetable for related activities established; in addition, the responsible party(ies) for each activity is agreed upon
Staffing Svcs
Subsequent to the AE meeting , a number of activities take place (some concurrently) including gathering of additional information (as necessary), development of the selection device, recruitment, and the development, printing and distribution of the examination announcement (minimum 2 week filing period)
Staffing Svcs
Examination applications are accepted and reviewed; disqualification notices sent out
Staffing Svcs
Test(s) are administered to approved applicants
Staffing Svcs
Passed candidates' claims for Veteran's credits are established/verified; Derogatory items indicated on exam application are forwarded to the Investigations Section (Eligibility Restriction Notices produced as appropriate)
Staffing Svcs
Candidate eligible list information is produced and eligible list is forwarded for establishment
Staffing Svcs
Eligible list is signed and scores notices sent out
Staffing Svcs

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