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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 98-01

1200 Examinations
January 20, 1998

TO: Department and Agency Personnel Officers and Affirmative Action Officers

FROM: James W. Sever, Director of Staffing Services

SUBJECT: Constitutional Change Affecting Veterans Credits Claims

DATE: January 20, 19978

On November 4, 1997, the voters approved a referendum which amended Article V, Section 6 of the State Constitution. As a result, beginning January 1, 1998, active duty members of the Armed Forces, serving in time of war (it now being a statutory time of war) may request that extra credits be added to their passing examination scores and to use those credits for appointment from the eligible list once discharged honorably or under honorable circumstances. Until now, the examination applicant must have been discharged prior to making the request for extra credits.

The amendment is prospective, not retroactive, and eligible lists established prior to January 1, 1998, are not affected.

Other requirements and provisions regarding the granting and use of war-time veterans credits were not affected. These ongoing requirements include: service in a time of war, State residence, US citizenship, active duty service for other than training purposes, the number of credits to be awarded, and requesting credits on the examination application.

The amendment does not affect the way State agencies, or this Department, processes war-time veterans credit claims: the claim is made on the examination application and subsequently verified by the agency's appointing officer at the time of job interview/offer by using Form S-203. This form requires no changes.

All open competitive and promotion examination application forms have been revised to reflect the change; current forms will continue to be valid until their stock is depleted. In addition, this Department has published a posting notice (provided with a recent set of examination announcements), has published a special statement on all examination announcements for examinations held during the testing year ending June, 1998, and has begun printing a special notice on all written test admission notices which instructs any candidate who meets the criteria to call (518) 485-1846 to have the credits added.

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