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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 99-02

1205 (A) Promotion
April 15, 1999

TO: Agency Human Resource Management and Personnel Directors

FROM: James W. Sever and James Beninati

SUBJECT: Promotion Test Battery

This memo is to announce a change in our approach to combining promotion test battery scores with other tests in selection plans for agencies' titles.

We are better able to consider the overall effects of battery test scores in the selection process now that we have had several holding of the batteries and numerous examinations which use battery results.

One of our considerations has been that when a battery score of 70 or higher was required we have had to significantly lower the pass point for the second test in order to have sufficient names. This diminished the overall quality of the technical part of the list which was not our intention, nor was it the desired outcome for agencies.

While the use of the compensatory model for multiple part examinations using the battery has always been optional, now this will be the standard method.

Beginning with examinations announced for September 1999, we will normally make use of promotion test battery results in selection plans as follows:

Battery only  
  • score of 70 or higher
Battery and... technical written
  • any battery score
  • score of 70 or higher on technical written
Battery and... evaluation of education & experience
  • any battery score
  • all candidates receive at least a 70 on the E&E for meeting minimum qualifications
Battery and... performance assessment
  • any battery score
  • score of 70 or higher on performance assessment
Battery and... oral test
  • score of 70 or higher on the oral test
  • when oral is qualifying, 70 or higher on battery
  • when oral is weighted, any battery score

Examinations which have special weighting for individual tests (e.g., "Battery only" and "Battery and... technical written") or which have several tests in addition to the battery test should also follow the above guidelines.

NOTE: For selection plans using the battery only, candidates must have a score of 70 or higher in order for their names to appear on an eligible list; for selection plans that combine the battery test with another test(s), candidates must have an overall combined score of 70 or higher to appear on the eligible list.

This change will ensure adequate numbers of names on the eligible lists while preserving the quality of the examination process.

You should discuss these options with your Staffing Services Representative when developing your selection plans.


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