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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 00-04

1430 Regular Promotion Eligible Lists
December 4, 2000

T0: Department and Agency Personnel, Human Resource and Affirmative Action Offices

FROM: William Doyle / Crys Hamelink, Division of Staffing Services

SUBJECT: Roswell Park Institute Employees and State Promotion Eligible Lists

[This Advisory Memo was removed by Advisory Memo #02-02, which see.]

On December 31, 1998, Roswell Park Institute was established as a public benefit corporation and placed outside the jurisdiction of the New York State merit system. The names of Roswell Park Institute employees were restricted for the life of the eligible list for state promotion examinations as they were no longer state employees under the merit system.

Recently, at the request of the Governor's Office of Employee Relations, we reached an agreement that these employees are no longer restricted and must be considered on any promotion eligible lists on which their names appear.

In order to appoint these individuals they must first be reinstated to a position in the state service before (or simultaneous with) appointment from the promotion eligible list. Reinstatement requires completion of a probationary period. In these situations only, involving Roswell Park Institute employees, the probationary period for the promotion title will also serve as the required reinstatement probationary period.

This agreement, however, does not permit Roswell Park Institute employees to compete in regular state promotion examinations or the promotion test batteries; a determination that was recently affirmed by the courts. Consequently as eligible lists with the names of Roswell Park Institute employees expire or are superceded, this agreement will no longer be necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact the Staffing Services Policy Section at (518) 457-5206.

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