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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 18-02

1400 Eligible Lists / 1800 Appointments
May 16, 2018

TO: Department and Agency Personnel, Human Resource, and Affirmative Action Offices

FROM: Scott DeFruscio, Director of Staffing Services

SUBJECT: Justification Requirements for Selective Certification Examinations

The purpose of this memorandum is to highlight and provide additional information on requirements recently established by the Department of Civil Service (Department) for Selective Certification Examinations. As noted in the updated "New York State Agencies Guide to Using the Selective Certification System" available at, agencies are required to provide a justification for each educational and experiential qualification (Property) selected within a Selective Certification Profile. A "Property" refers to the selected Category, Group, Item and Level. For some examinations, Sub-items and/or Tasks are also included within a Property.

Selective Certification is offered as an option to agencies when the Department has determined that additional education and experience may be required for specific positions within a job class. Selective Certification components of examinations are designed to provide agencies with list certifications of eligible candidates who have essential knowledge, skills and abilities needed to successfully perform the duties of the position. When completing Selective Certification Profiles, agencies must supply sufficiently detailed information in the justification column so that Department representatives reviewing the Selective Certification requests may determine that the Property selected is required to perform a specific aspect of the duties of the position.

Below is an example of a portion of a properly completed Selective Certification Profile.

Licensure 4 - NYS Professional Engineer License with current registration   Yes-Has the Licensure/Current Registration PE-license required with Current Registration
Experience 35-Design Type 2-Between Grade 23 and Grade 26 Manage, supervise, train and lead assigned units and staff such as the highway design, consultant management and survey teams. Prior highway design experience at a supervisory level required.
Experience 36- Design Highest Level Time 3-5 years or more Prior highway design experience at a supervisory level required due to the technical nature of this position.

The Justification field is required for each Property selected and it is expected that both the Program Official and the Director of Human Resources approving the forms have reviewed and approved each of the justifications provided, prior to signing and submitting the Selective Certification Profile.

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