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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 83-01

1400 Eligible Lists
August 22, 1983

Section 85 of the New York State Civil Service Law has been amended to change the definition of "time of war" relative to the cessation of the Vietnam hostilities. Effective September 1, 1983, the previous Vietnam hostilities ending date of March 29, 1973 has been extended to May 7, 1975.

It is important to note the effect of this legislative change in regard to eligible lists, reductions in force, and preferred lists. Otherwise eligible veterans who served during the period between March 29, 1973 and May 7, 1975 will be entitled to veteran's credits on eligible lists established on or after September 1, 1983. In addition, as of September 1, 1983, employees who served during this period should have their classified service dates adjusted to reflect their veteran's status for considerations involved with future reductions in force and placement on preferred lists.

The statute requires that veterans establish their claim for veteran's status prior to the establishment of the eligible list. Therefore, veterans whose service commenced subsequent to March 29, 1973 are not entitled to veteran's credits on eligible lists previously established nor are they entitled to veteran's status considerations on previously established preferred lists.

In order to provide veterans who are affected by this change and who have filed for or taken examinations for which the eligible lists have not yet been established with the opportunity to claim veteran's credits, the Department of Civil Service is mailing the attached notice to all candidates. Eligible veterans should complete and return the form found on the reverse of the notice as soon as possible, as veteran's credits claims must be received prior to the establishment of the eligible lists. In addition, copies of the notice will be sent to approved examination candidates until such time as updated examination applications and disposition of veteran's credits forms can be distributed.

Subsequent to September 1, 1983 it will be necessary to update the Department of Civil Service's personnel records by changing the veteran's status of employees affected by this change. We ask that agency and facility personnel officers compile a listing of such employees containing the employees' names, social security numbers, and item numbers. After verifying the employees' claim for veteran's status, personnel officers should forward the listing to the Department of Civil Service to the attention of Robert Delaney by September 30, 1983.

[signed] John P. McKenna
Director, Division of Examinations,and Staffing Services

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