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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 90-08

1400 Eligible Lists
May 17, 1990

TO: Department and Agency Personnel and Affirmative Action Offices

FROM: Division of Staffing Services, Policy and Program Analysis

SUBJECT: Duration of Eligible Lists

Section 56 of the Civil Service Law limits the life of an eligible list to between one and four years. Additionally, the statute provides for the expiration of an existing list upon the establishment of a new list. However, the Department of Civil Service is given authority to modify that provision, and has, to enable agencies to honor employment commitments to candidates on a superceded eligible list or to complete canvasses that are in progress.

As a matter of policy and practice, the Department of Civil Service schedules the expiration of an existing eligible list for thirty days after the date of establishment of the new list. For that thirty day period, the new list may not be used where the old list remains viable. In locations where the old list has been exhausted, use of the new list is appropriate.

This scheduled expiration is computed automatically except in those cases where the 30 day period will result in a more than four year life of list (Section 56 provides for extensions of lists beyond four years in certain prescribed instances) or where the new list is established more than 30 days prior to the one year statuatory minimum life of a list. In these cases, the expiration date is scheduled to coincide with the statuatory limit.

This policy applies to the supercession of promotion lists by promotion lists and open-competitive lists by open-competitive lists: the standard order of certification is not affected by this policy.

The order of certification shall be:

1. Old Promotion Unit List 7. Old OC List
2. New Promotion Unit List 8. New OC Llst
3. Old Departmental list  
4. New Departmental List  
5. Old General List (IDP)  
6. New General List (IDP)  


References: Section 56, Section 60.1, and Section 67.) Civil Service Law,
Section 4.1 (a) and, Section 4.2(a), Rules for the Classified Service, Section 68.1, President's Regulations

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