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State Personnel Management Manual

Policy Bulletin #03-01

 1400 Eligible Lists/
2200 Separations and Leaves
March 21, 2003

T0: Department and Agency Personnel, Human Resource and Affirmative Action Offices
FROM: William E. Doyle, Director of Staffing Services
SUBJECT: Agency Reduction Transfer List and Reemployment Roster Appointments – Special Considerations


This Policy Bulletin identifies two situations that appointing authorities may encounter in administering ARTL and Reemployment Rosters, and provides policy and procedures to use in those situations.

• Under certain circumstances, individuals on Agency Reduction Transfer Lists (ARTLs) or Reemployment Rosters (RRs) may not be fully qualified for appointment to specific titles which require “special qualifications”. These include titles with physical and/or medical standards, required background checks, completion of specified course work, or possession of certifications or licensure in required areas. For such titles, the appointing agency is required to determine that individuals on ARTLs and RRs are fully qualified for appointment. Questions concerning specific situations should be addressed to the Career Mobility Office at (518) 485-6199.

• ARTL and Reemployment Roster appropriate-title determinations involving traineeship titles often specify appointment eligibility at a particular salary grade level. For example, a Senior Personnel Administrator vacancy may be filled at the Trainee 2 level by an ARTL or RR candidate whose eligibility derives from permanent service as a Senior Budgeting Analyst and subsequent layoff (or targeting). While the specified fill level for this type of appointment is Trainee 2, an agency has the option to fill at the Senior level if the ARTL/RR eligible meets the normal criteria for transfer (e.g. via §§52.6 or 70.1). Please note that such transactions should be submitted as ARTL/RR appointments, NOT as transfers.


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