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State Personnel Management Manual

Policy Bulletin #05-01

 1400 Eligible Lists
July 7, 2005

In many instances, this Department announces promotion examinations with “A qualifications” (usually direct line titles only) and “B qualifications” (collateral-line or related titles, which may include New Format Minimum Qualifications). §52.1 of the Civil Service Law (CSL) authorizes us to extend eligibility to these related titles. The order of certification from resulting eligible lists is “A eligibles” and “All eligibles.” We define All eligibles to include all B candidates interfiled with the remaining A eligibles when fewer than three A eligibles remain on the A certification. In agencies with promotion units, the order of certification is Promotion Unit A, Promotion Unit All and Departmental A, Departmental All.

For certain interdepartmental promotion examinations having direct and collateral-or-related-title qualifications we have for many years permitted agencies to choose orders of certification for IDP A and B lists. For certain examinations we have allowed agencies to choose the certification order, i.e. either Departmental A – Departmental All / Interdepartmental A – Interdepartmental All (AB/AB) or Departmental A – Interdepartmental A / Departmental All – Interdepartmental All (AA/BB).

§52.4 CSL authorizes us to establish interdepartmental eligible lists—extending promotion eligibility to qualified candidates in agencies other than those in which vacancies exist. The statute specifies that these interdepartmental lists “shall not be certified to a department until after the promotion eligible list for that department has been exhausted.”

We have reconsidered the legality of our practice of allowing agencies to choose between orders of certification. We have determined that the only permissible order of certification pursuant to CSL §52.4 should be:

Promotion Unit A
Promotion Unit All Eligibles

Departmental A
Departmental All Eligibles

Interdepartmental A
Interdepartmental All Eligibles

Effective immediately, announcements for all interdepartmental examinations having A and B qualifications will reflect this order of certification.

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