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State Personnel Management Manual

Policy Bulletin #91-05

 1450 Preferred Lists/
1805(B) Permanent/Non-competitive
October 8, 1991

TO: Department and Agency Personnel and Affirmative Action Officers
FROM: Candice T. Carter, Executive Deputy Commissioner
SUBJECT: Reemployment of Laid Off 55b and 55c Eligibles

Due to the recent layoff of 55b and 55c employees, we have established policies for assisting these employees in reemployment.

Reemployment Lists

Effective immediately, whenever we certify a competitive class reemployment list (i.e., preferred list, reemployment roster, or placement roster), we will also certify any existing reemployment list containing the names of laid off 55b and 55c individuals who are eligible to fill positions in the same title. If agencies wish to make an appointment, they may use the competitive class reemployment list, or reclassify the position and use the. 55b/c list. If no competitive class reemployment lists exist, the 55b/c lists are mandatory.

Requests to Reclassify Competitive Class positions to 55b/c Positions

When a 55b/c reemployment list exists, we do not permit the reclassification of a competitive class position to a 55b/c position, unless the agency uses the reemployment list.
If there is no 55b/c reemployment list, we will no longer permit the reclassification of a competitive class position if a competitive class preferred list exists. However, the existence of a competitive class reemployrnent roster or placement roster will not block the classification of a new 55b/c position.

Questions on the above should be addressed to the Workers with Disabilities Program (55-b and 55-c programs) at (518) 457-4296, or the Reemployment Services Section at (518) 485-1989.

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