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State Management Personnel Manual

1800 Appointments

1805(A) Permanent/Competitive


.210 Legal Requirements

.211 Permanent appointments are normally allowed only to unencumbered competitive-class positions. Permanent appointments may be made as a result of:

  1. The appointment of the top acceptor on a preferred list appropriate for the title (S81 CSL)
  2. The appointment of anyone on a placement roster appropriate for the title (R5-8 Rules of the Classified Service)
  3. The appointment of one of the top three acceptors on the appropriate eligible list (S61.1 CSL)
  4. The transfer of a qualified permanent employee (52.6, 70.1, 70.4 CSL)
  5. The reinstatement of a former permanent employee (Rule 5.4 Rules of Classified Service)
  6. The appointment of a successful candidate from a non-competitive promotion exam (52.7 CSL)

.220 Civil Service Requirements

.221 If there is a preferred list for a position and there is an individual on it willing to accept appointment, the appointment must be made from the preferred list or the position left vacant.

.222 If there is no preferred list but there is a placement roster, an appointment must be made from among any of the acceptors on the placement roster or the position left vacant.

.223 If there is neither a preferred list nor a placement roster, a permanent appointment may be made from among the top three acceptors on the appropriate eligible list. All eligibles with scores equal to that of the third highest scoring acceptor may be considered for appointment.

.224 Transfer under 52.6 may not normally be made if there is a preferred list or placement roster but can be made in face of a departmental or interdepartmental eligible lists.

.225 Transfer under Section 70.1 or 70.4 may not normally be made if there is a preferred list or placement roster. In addition, a transfer under these sections of CSL will not be allowed if there are three acceptors on the Departmental eligible list but will be allowed in the face of an interdepartmental eligible list (Rule 5.1 RCS). [Note: this last sentence is no longer our policy. Instead see 1840 (D) The Voluntary Transfer Checklist.]

.226 A permanent employee who has resigned from his or her position may be reinstated pursuant to Rule 5.4 Rules of the Classified Service to any position they held or were eligible for transfer to at the time of resignation.


.410 Exceptions and Releases

.411 In instances where the agency has been placed under a budget freeze or the item has been earmarked, the agency must obtain the necessary budget exception or earmark release before the appointment will be allowed.

TM- 1; 4/26/82

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