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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 90-09

1820 Temporary Appointments
July 26, 1990

TO: Department and Agency Personnel and Affirmative Action Offices

FROM: Division of Staffing Services, Policy & Program Analysis

SUBJECT: Guidelines for Temporary Appointments Pursuant to Civil Service Law, Sections 64.1 and 64.2

In January 1981 the Department issued a memorandum to all agency personnel offices which set guidelines for temporary appointments. These guidelines, still valid today, are as follows:

  1. Appointments made under Sections 64.1 and 64.2 will be allowed only to temporary service or temporarily vacant items.
  2. Successive 64.1 appointments totalling in excess of three months for an individual will not be allowed, nor will successive 64.1 appointments totalling in excess of three months to a position be allowed.
  3. Temporary appointments pending canvass will not be allowed after three months of appointment under Section 64.1. If an agency expects to appoint to a position for longer than three months, they should request a certification and canvass sometime during the three months.
  4. For decentralized lists, the agency will be required to appoint from that list after the three month 64.1 appointment, if they wish to continue the position on a filled basis.
  5. An original 64.2 appointment will be allowed up to six months. However, it will not be allowed for more than three months if preceded by a 64.1 appointment of three months. This holds for both the individual and the position.
  6. Successive 64.2 appointments for an individual from the same list will not be allowed, nor will successive 64.2 appointments to a position be allowed.
    In addition to the guidelines above, agencies should be aware that:
    1. Section 64 of the Civil Service Law is not intended to be a means of "extending' provisionals who are being revoked as the result of the establishment of an eligible list. Where agencies need additional time to replace a significant number of provisionals (Section 65), agencies should discuss with their Staffing Services Representative appropriate time periods for "temporary pending canvass' appointments.
    2. No combination of temporary non-list appointments, including appointments under Rule 4.8 and "TEMP CANVASS' appointments, shall exceed a total of six months.

These guidelines are not in any way intended to affect appointments to temporary service or temporarily vacant items for individuals who are reachable for appointment (i.e., among the top three acceptors on an appropriate eligible list).

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