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State Personnel Management Manual

Policy Bulletin #87-03

 1600 Interviewing
1860 Verification of Credentials
July 9, 1987

T0: Appointing Officers

FROM: Walter D. Hroadnax

SUBJECT: Credentials Verification

DATE: July 9, 1987

Over time, the Civil Service Department has decentralized verification of educational and experience requirements to appointing authorities. By delegating authority as far as practicable, we believe not only that personnel officers and the staffs which assist them are competent to perform these functions, but also that the verification process can .be accomplished more rapidly and efficiently. We are writing to remind you of the importance of this function.

It is essential that credentials be verified during the interview and appointment process. This will avoid situations where it becomes known subsequent to appointment that an employee does not possess the necessary credentials and, therefore, must be terminated.

Examination announcements for competitive class positions describe the education, licensure or certification and experience requirements necessary for appointment. Similarly, minimum qualification requirements are established for appointment to non-competitive class positions. In addition, although labor and exempt class positions have no established minimum qualifications, in actuality, some positions may require specialized education (e.g., a law degree for a General Counsel).

Appointments to positions requiring specific credentials must include the following attestation in the "Remarks" Section of the Payroll and Personnel Transaction Form PR-75 signed by the personnel officer or designated representative:

"I certify that the credentials which qualify the above-named individual for the position to which he/she is being appointed have been verified as current and documented."

Although a specific credential may not be required as part of the minimum qualifications for a position, it may nonetheless be advisable to verify the education and experience represented by prospective employees on their resumes or applications (e.g., the minimum qualifications for a position is a bachelor's degree, but you decide to hire an individual because hi 6r she has both a bachelor's and a master's in a field which would make the individual particularly valuable to your agency. In such .a case', both degrees should be verified).

Questions concerning specific requirements should be addressed to your Staffing Services Representative.

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