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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 01-02

2200 Leaves of Absence
April 13, 2001

T0: Department and Agency Personnel, Human Resource and Affirmative Action Offices
FROM: Nicholas J. Vagianelis, Director of Civil Service Operations and Administration
SUBJECT: Request for Extension of Leave of Absence Pursuant to Attendance Rules of the Classified Service
This Memorandum Does Not Replace Advisory Memorandum #00-01 "Request For Extension of Leave of Absence Pursuant to Attendance Rules Of The Classified Service" Issued February 3, 2000 In This Section But Amends Form CSC-2.

We are reissuing Form CSC-2 (4/01L), [new copy enclosed only for Personnel and Human Resource Offices]. You will note that the boxes entitled "Date Original Leave Began" and the "Previous Extension Through" have been deleted. It is no longer necessary to provide this information. The wording "Previous Extension Through" has been changed to "Current Leave Ends". Instructions for preparation and submission are on the back of the CSC-2. You may photocopy the new form for your requests, or download it from the Department of Civil Service Website at: [Go to] This form will be effective immediately. Please recycle Form CSC-2 (2/00L).

Please remember that, when you prepare the CSC-2 for submission, you must verify the information with NYSTEP. You must reconcile any discrepancies with your Staffing Services Representative before submitting the form to the Office of Commission Operations.

In all other respects, the processing of the leave extension request remains the same. Questions can be directed to Al Jordan of the Office of Commission Operations at 457-2575.

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