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State Personnel Management Manual

Policy Bulletin #96-01

 2200 Separations and Leaves
January 26,1996


Policy Bulletin #95-03 in this section contains information on the recent legislation and contractual language which implemented redeployment lists for those employees affected by the State's contracting out for services.

Policy Bulletin #96-02 in this section describes "REEMPLOYMENT ROSTER APPROPRIATE TITLE DETERMINATIONS, "and should be read as a contextual companion piece to this bulletin. [Since replaced by #97-01]

The purpose of this bulletin is to describe the policies and procedures this Department will use to determine the titles for which employees will be eligible when their names are certified on a redeployment list.

When agencies identify functions which may be contracted out, and the titles of employees potentially affected, they should contact their Staffing Services Representative to discuss and suggest titles which may be appropriate for preferred lists, reemployment rosters, and redeployment lists. The unions representing these employees should follow a similar procedure when suggesting possibly comparable titles.

The Department will then determine which titles will be considered appropriate for redeployment list certification. Generally, appropriate titles will be a "subset" of those titles which are determined to be appropriate for preferred list and reemployment roster certification, where:

  1. the tests, qualifications or duties of the affected and suggested titles are substantially equivalent, and,
  2. eligible's current title and the suggested title require a similar level of authority and responsibility.

Determinations will be as broad as possible within this context.

Where there have been layoffs previously in a title, the Department will simultaneously review preferred list and reemployment roster title decisions, and any new or additional titles identified as appropriate for redeployment list certification will be added.

A primary redeployment list eligible will not be certified to fill a title which is neither preferred list nor reemployment roster appropriate.

Secondary redeployment: - In the event the Department determines there is little potential for the individual to be appointed from a primary redeployment list, the individual may be placed on special reemployment rosters for filling titles for which they are individually qualified.

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