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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 89-04

2300 Reductions in Force
March 24, 1989

TO: Agency Personnel and Affirmative Action Officers

FROM: Robert Parrish

SUBJECT: Budget Approval Process: Communication with Budget Examiners and
Staffing Services Representatives

DATE: March 24, 1989

The State is committed to reemploying those affected by the reduction in force. We must be able to plan early for the filling of available positions if we are to match affected employees with jobs; this is especially true for retraining efforts.

To ensure that plans are made to reemploy/retrain those employees affected by reductions in force, your Staffing Services Representative and your Budget Examiner will be working with your Personnel Officer in reviewing requests to fill positions. Approval is now required from your Staffing Services Representative and your Budget Examiner to fill a position.

Your Staffing Services Representative will be contacting your Budget Examiner and your Personnel Officer to arrange a specific procedure for obtaining the necessary approvals. In general, however, when a position needs to be filled, your Personnel Office should contact your Staffing Services Representative in Civil Service to discuss the request. Staffing Services will determine if there are employees affected by the reduction in force who might be available for filling the position. If not, the Staffing Services Representative will so inform you and the Budget Examiner. If there are placement or retraining possibilities, Staffing Services will begin the process of coordinating them.

It is important that, prior to confirming any appointment, your Personnel Office confirm with the Reemployment Services Section (518) 457-5938, in the Department of Civil Service that there is no mandatory preferred list, reemployment roster or placement roster.

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