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State Management Personnel Manual

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2620 (F) Preplacement Physical Examinations


.110 General Information

.111 Preplacement physicals are conducted by EHS only for candidates who have received a bona fide conditional offer of employment to competitive class, non-competitive class, or labor class jobs for which there are predetermined and announced medical and physical standards (see Section 2620(G) "Development of Medical Standards").

.112 Location—Preplacement physical examinations are conducted at the EHS medical examination centers. Depending upon the specific physical and medical standards for a job title and whether the appointing agency wishes to pay the cost, examinations may also be conducted at the offices of EHS consulting physicians in the following cities: Binghamton, Buffalo, Elmira, New York City, Plattsburgh, Poughkeepsie, Rochester, Stony Brook, Syracuse, Utica, Watertown, and White Plains. Agencies choosing to have evaluations conducted at locations other than the EHS medical examination center or by consultants who are not employees of the Department of Civil Service must pay that provider's fee.

.113 At the time an eligible list is established for a competitive job title which has specific medical standards, a blanket medical restriction is placed on all candidates. Before any appointments can be made, candidates under consideration must be examined by EHS to ensure that they meet the medical standards.

.114 In the absence of an eligible list, any person receiving a provisional or temporary appointment to a competitive job title which has physical or medical standards must also be examined by EHS.

.115 Candidates are required to pay the cost of clinical laboratory tests conducted as part of the preplacement physical examination unless paid by the agency. Except when the employing agency makes arrangements to pay laboratory fees, candidates will be required to present a money order payable to the Department of Civil Service. The laboratory fee is waived for candidates who previously received a waiver of the examination application fee.


.210 Physical Ability Tests

.211 EHS will administer preapproved physical ability tests at the time of the preplacement examination. Agencies can request a scope conference to set up such testing, which must be job related.

.212 Candidates must satisfactorily complete all elements of the test in order to be certified as passing.

.213 Candidates who fail the initial test will be rescheduled for a second attempt, approximately 30 days from the initial test. Candidates failing the second attempt are considered to have failed the test.

.214 Candidates failing both attempts (or who fail the first attempt and do not return for the second attempt) will be removed from the eligible list for one year.


.410 Arrangements

.411 An agency offering appointment to candidates to a competitive class job title with established medical standards should follow normal procedures for canvassing the eligible lists. To schedule the examinations, all agencies are required to complete an EHS-769 (5/06), which contains an affirmation by the agency that the candidates have been given conditional offers of employment. The EHS-769 can be printed from the EHS website at The request should also include the name, address and social security number of each candidate who is to be examined, and the name and number of the eligible list on which their names appear.

.412 The completed EHS-769 must be received by EHS prior to the time of a candidate’s examination. In the absence of such appropriate documentation, candidates who appear at EHS for a preplacement examination will not be examined.

.420 Notification

.421 Based on the geographic location of the jobs and the candidates, EHS will establish the locale for the medical examinations. Once the exam site has been determined, appointments will be set up and confirmed by telephone with the requesting agency. The requesting agency will notify candidates directly. The examination results are mailed directly to the candidates by EHS. After examination of the candidate, EHS will notify the appointing agency, the Staffing Services Representative and the candidate of the disposition.

.422 An agency desiring an examination of a candidate for a non-competitive or labor class job for which medical or physical standards have been established, should follow procedures as outlined above. The request should specify the name and social security number of the candidate, and the job for which the candidate is under consideration. Following examination, the agency personnel office will be notified as to whether or not the candidate has qualified.

.423 In all cases in which preplacement physical examinations are a required part of the selection process, the agency must make a conditional offer of appointment before examination by EHS. In the event that an agency must make a temporary or provisional appointment prior to the completion of the required preplacement physical examination, the agency should advise candidates that permanent appointment is contingent upon successful completion of all parts of the examination. Agencies are strongly urged to avoid making appointments prior to receiving the results of the preplacement examination.

TM-63; July, 2008

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