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2620 (H) Reinstatement Examinations


.110 General Information

.111 Under Sections 71 and 73 of the Civil Service Law, employees who were terminated as a result of a physical or mental disability have the right to a reinstatement medical evaluation for the purpose of determining their ability to perform the duties of the position from which they were terminated. The EHS determination is provided to the employee, the former employing agency and Department of Civil Service Staffing Services Division for further action pursuant to Sections 71 or 73.

.112 Location—Reinstatement medical examinations are conducted at the EHS medical examination center in Cohoes.


.410 Arrangements

.411 A former employee seeking reinstatement after termination under Sections 71 or 73 should be advised by the appointing officer to complete the EHS-705, Reinstatement Examination Request form and send to EHS to request a reinstatement physical examination. The form includes the following information:

  • applicant's name and address
  • applicant's social security number
  • telephone number with area code
  • job title and agency from which terminated
  • date of termination of employment
  • whether the termination was due to a compensable illness or injury
  • date of recovery from injury or illness
  • a description of the disabling health condition
  • name and address of treating physician
  • their treating physician must fully complete the back of EHS-705

.412 Due to the costs incurred by former employees to travel to Cohoes for an exam, EHS will not schedule an exam if the medical information from the former employee’s physician clearly indicates he/she cannot perform the essential duties of his/her former position.

.420 Notification

.421 EHS will advise the applicant of a date and time of appointment.

.422 After examination, EHS will notify the employee, the former employing agency and the Staffing Services Division of the determination made concerning the applicant's fitness for reinstatement. Employees will be advised to contact the employing agency if they wish to request a reasonable accommodation.

TM-63; July, 2008

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