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2620 (I) Medical Parking Permit Evaluations


.110 General Information

.111 At the request of an Agency Medical Parking Application Review Committee (MPARC), the Employee Health Service will assess the need of an employee for medical parking using criteria stated in the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and will make a recommendation. The determination is based on the employee's limiting disability and current medical documentation.

.112 Location—EHS nursing stations (see 2610 (B)).

.113 A limited number of parking spaces are available for employees who have a physical condition or medical impairment that SUBSTANTIALLY limits their mobility and/or ability to commute to work using available parking facilities, public transportation, or other reasonable alternatives such as car-pooling or ride-sharing.

.114 Medical Parking Permits may be issued up to a maximum of three years. Employees seeking extension of medical parking permits must reapply.


.410 Arrangements

.411 Employees wishing to apply for a medical parking permit must contact the person designated by their agency as the Parking Coordinator. The employee should be given an Application for Medical Parking Permit (Form CS-767) with instructions and Release of Medical Information for Parking Eligibility (Form EHS-958). Both forms can be obtained at

.412 Following receipt of the application with Part I completed and a completed medical information form from the employee, the Parking Coordinator should review the application.

.413 The Parking Coordinator should forward the application and physician's information to the EHS nursing station serving the employee's work location and set up an appointment.

.414 The Health Service Nurse will interview the employee and evaluate the medical documentation supporting the medical parking permit request. The EHS Nurse will have the employee complete a release form, allowing the nurse to discuss the employee’s medical status with the MPARC. The EHS nurse will provide an assessment of the employee’s condition to the MPARC.

.415 After the appointment, the MPARC will meet to determine the employee’s eligibility for medical parking and, if necessary, the most appropriate parking location.

.416 The Parking Coordinator will complete the application (Part II, III, and IV) and forward the application form to OGS Parking Services or to the office where parking assignments are made for the employee's work location.

.417 Based upon the information provided, OGS Parking Services will assign an expiration date and the parking location to the applicant as appropriate. Copies of the form will be forwarded to the applicant, the Agency Parking Coordinator, the Affirmative Action Officer and the Health Service Nurse.

.418 Employees may appeal a medical parking permit determination or parking space assignment. Employees should appeal to the Parking Coordinator. The appeal should include the reasons why the employee feels a reevaluation is necessary and any additional medical documentation. The MPARC shall review the appeal request. If deemed appropriate by the MPARC, the parking application, medical information form, and EHS nursing chart should be forwarded to the EHS Medical Director for review. The EHS Medical Director will provide the MPARC with a recommendation that may concur with the MPARC recommendation, revise the MPARC recommendation as medically appropriate, or recommend the employee be scheduled for a medical examination. .419 Parking Coordinators should periodically review the status of employees who have been assigned medical parking permits to determine if the permits are still necessary.

TM-63; July 2008

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