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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 02-06

2620 (F) Preplacement Physical Examinations
November 4, 2002

TO: Department and Agency Personnel, Human Resource and Affirmative Action Offices
FROM: Maria Steinbach, Administrator of Employee Health Services

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits medical inquiries at the pre-employment stage. In accordance with Section 2620 (F), Preplacement Physical Examinations, of the State Personnel Management Manual, all agencies must provide a candidate with a bona fide conditional offer of employment, before he or she can be referred to the Employee Health Service (EHS) for a preplacement medical and/or physical examination for those titles with established physical/medical standards.

A revised EHS-769 (10/02L), Preplacement Physical Examination Request form, has been designed which now contains an affirmation by the agency that the candidate for whom they are seeking such physical examination has been given a conditional offer of employment. Effective immediately, all agencies are required to complete this form in order to request a preplacement physical examination. The completed request form must be received by EHS prior to the time of the candidate's examination. In the absence of such appropriate documentation, candidates who appear at EHS for a preplacement examination will not be examined.

Included with this mailing for Personnel Offices only are several copies of the revised EHS-769, Preplacement Physical Examination Request form. This form must be used. It may be photocopied. This form can be sent to you electronically by contacting EHS at JAP@CS.STATE.NY.US.

If you have any questions regarding this Advisory Memorandum, please contact the EHS Medical Review Unit at (518) 457-5441 or at the e-mail address listed above.

Assistant Drill Rig Operator Narcotic Investigator Trainee 1, 2
Associate Industrial Hygienist Park Patrol Officer & Trainee
Assistant Traffic Signal Mechanic Parole Officer Trainee 1, 2
Associate Radiophysicist Police Investigator Academy Cadet (Law)
Associate Safety & Health Engineer Public Health Specialist 1, 2, 3, 4
Beverage Control Investigator &Trainee Railroad Equipment Inspector
Boiler Inspector Railroad Track and Structures Inspector
Bridge Repair Assistant ATP, CMP Revenue Crimes Specialist 1, 2, 3 Trainee
Cadet Leader 1, 2 Safety & Health Inspector & Trainee
Campus Public Safety Officer 1 Safety & Security Officer Trainee
Correction Officer Trainee Secure Care Treatment Aide 1
Developmental Disabilities SCTA Security Hospital Treatment Assistant
Environmental Conservation Officer Trainee 1 Security Officer (and Spanish Speaking)
Excise Tax Investigator Security Services Assistant 1
Facility Parole Officer 1 Senior Industrial Hygienist
Farm Products Grading Inspector 1 Senior Safety & Health Engineer
Forest Ranger (EnCon) Senior Safety & Health Inspector
Forest Ranger (Parks) Ski Lift Operator 1, 2, and Ski Lift Attendant
Highway Maintenance Worker 1, 2 Supervising Traffic Signal Mechanic
Industrial Hygienist Trainee 1, 2 Tour Guide (OGS)
Intermodal Transportation Specialist 1, 2 Traffic Signal Helper
Investigator (Tax) Traffic Signal Mechanic
Law Dept. Investigator Trainee, 1, 2 Tree Pruner
Mapping Technician 1, 2, 3 Tree Pruner Supervisor
Mapping Technologist 1,2,3,4 University Police Officer 1
Motor Carrier Investigator Warrant &Transfer Officer
Motor Equipment Mechanic Weights and Measures Specialist 1, 2, 3
Motor Vehicle Inspector, (DOT) Wilderness Challenge Aide 1,2
Motor Vehicle Investigator & Trainee (DMV) Youth Division Aide 4

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