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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 00-05

2800 Automated Personnel-Position System
October 16, 2000

TO: Department and Agency Personnel, Human Resource and Affirmative Action Offices.

FROM: William Doyle/Crys Hamelink, Division of Staffing Services

SUBJECT: Techniques for Managing Appointment, Position and Traineeship End Dates.

All agencies are now on the Payroll Certification Schedule. Some agencies had been notified by OSC that checks were being withheld for some of their employees, and had to submit late transactions to either NYSTEP or PaySr to resolve discrepancies. There are several NYSTEP reports that agencies can use which can help them reduce the number of these instances in the future:

  1. Appointment End Date Report

    The Appointment End Date report lets agencies know which appointments will expire during the pay period. This gives agencies the opportunity to determine whether submission of an appointment extension transaction is in order or whether a line change or termination transaction should be submitted.

    This report should be run at the beginning of each pay period to cover the dates of the entire pay period.

    Agencies submitting NYSTEP transactions through the Batch Process should run the report even earlier, so that transactions which "error out" can be correctly resubmitted in a timely manner.

  2. Position End-date Report

    The Position End Date Report tells agencies when Temporary Service positions are due to expire. Appointments cannot be made to expired positions, nor can appointees in expired positions be extended in their positions if the positions are not extended.

    It should be run regularly so that necessary NYSTEP TPM requests for extensions can be submitted to Classification and Compensation and approved by the Division of Budget before the positions expire.

  3. Traineeship End-date Report

    The Traineeship End Date Report is designed to assist agencies in tracking the end-dates of traineeships of various lengths.

    It should be generated at the start of each pay period in order to assure timely submission of NYSTEP transactions for mandatory advances to the next level of the traineeship or to the journey level title, as appropriate

To produce these reports:

        • Click on "Start" in the Menu
        • Click on "NYSTEP Reports" to open its menu
        • Click on "On-line Reports" to open the following panel.

        • Click on "Report" on the menu bar
        • Click on "Appt End-date Report", "Pos End Date Report" or "Trainee End Date Report" to open the data entry panel for that report.


You will have to click through the following two panels to reach the date entry panel…


            • Click "OK" on the Update/Display panel



            • Click "Select" on the List panel

The data entry panel (Appointment End Date Report shown) has several fields where agencies must specify Agency payroll code, the End Date From and Thru for the time period under review, and the agency Pay Group (ADM or INS) [if shown]. The Title Code is an optional entry.


Once you have entered the information, to produce the report, click on the traffic light with exclamation point at the top of the data entry panel.

If you have any questions about producing these reports, please contact Julie Dominian, Supervisor of Employment Records and Payroll Processing at 518-457-3780.

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