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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 04-04

1200 Examinations/2300 Reductions in Force
2800 Automated Position-Personnel System
December, 2004

TO: Department and Agency Personnel, Human Resources, and Affirmative Action Offices
FROM: Terry Jordan, Director of Staffing Services
SUBJECT: Revision to Advisory Memorandum #04-03

In June 2004 we published Advisory Memorandum #04-03, MILITARY SERVICE BENEFITS AND VETERANS’ STATUS AND DEFINITIONS.

Please note this clarification to Question #9 on page 12.

Q9: Must a veteran (disabled or non-disabled) be a New York State resident at the time of exam application in order to qualify for additional credits on examinations?

A: No. However, an individual must establish his or her entitlement to veterans’ credits prior to the creation of the resulting eligible list. In almost all cases, this means that a candidate is a New York State resident at the time he or she applies for an examination. If an otherwise qualified veteran or disabled veteran obtains New York State residency during the period between applying for an examination and issuance of the eligible list, he or she should contact the Department of Civil Service. Appropriate veterans’ credits can then be added to his or her score.

By law, veterans’ credits cannot be conferred after establishment of an eligible list.

A veteran must be a New York State resident at the actual time of appointment, as indicated on Form S-203. Thus, an individual who was a New York State resident at the time of application for examination/eligible list establishment, but who is no longer a State resident when an offer of appointment is made, will not be able to use veterans’ credits at that time.

Residency requirements for veterans’ or disabled veterans’ status are independent of other New York State residency requirements for certain State jobs.

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