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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 93-05

1600 Interviewing and Hiring
September 1, 1993

TO: Agency Person neVAffrmative Action Officers

FROM: James W. Sever, Director of Staffing Services

SUBJECT: Revised standard canvass letters for reemployment lists - Change in policy on the effect of declinations of contingent permanent positions.

Enclosed are several copies of the revised standard canvass letter agencies must use for canvassing reemployment lists, effective October 1, 1993. This replaces the standard reemployment list canvass letter included with Advisory Memorandum #93-01, issued January 8, 1993, in this section. [Note: Not attached here. See Policy Bulletin #00-01 for the latest versions]

Policy Bulletin #93-03, issued 911/93, (See 1450 Preferred Lists), announced a change in our policies on the effect of declinations on the status of eligibles when the positions are encumbered and temporarily vacant, i.e. "contingent permanent".

As of October 1, 1993, our policies on reemployment lists and eligibles will now be the same, i.e. a declination of a contingent permanent will be treated the same as a declination of a permanent position.

Therefore there are no longer separate boxes for permanent and contingent permanent on the canvass letter, and the declination information on the back of the letter has been revised to indicate that this effect.

This revised canvass letter is being provided to agencies as a master which can reproduce with their address preprinted in the appropriate box. Please use only this letter on or after October 1, and destroy any other copies that contain the old policy information.

Intent to Appoint

Certifications of lists should be requested only when you intend to appoint. Preparing unnecessary certifications diminishes our ability to provide service. If you have access to APPS in your agency, you can view informational certifications of eligible lists viathe on-line certification system.

Eligibles should be called for interview only when it is likely that an appointment will result, and there is a good chance that the person called will be reachable. Eligibles should be given at least 24 hour notice of their interview date. Agencies must attempt, within reason, to accommodate eligibles who wish to be interviewed.

Notification of Eligibles not Selected for Appointment from an Eligible List

Pursuant to §61 of the Civil Service Law, when an appointment is made from an eligible list, any eligible who was interviewed, or any eligible whose score was higher than the score of the eligible who was appointed, must be notified in writing that they were not selected.

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