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State Personnel Management Manual

Policy Bulletin #00-01

 1600 Interviewing and Hiring
August 4, 2000

TO: Department and Agency Personnel, Human Resource and Affirmative Action Offices

FROM: Crys Hamelink / Bill Doyle

SUBJECT: New and Revised Canvass Letters / Confirmations of Declinations

Enclosed (for Personnel Offices Only) are the following:

S-60, Eligible List Canvass Letter
S-61, Reemployment List Canvass Letter
S-62, Redeployment List Canvass Letter
S-63, Agency Reduction Transfer List Canvass Letter
S-64, Confirmation of declination letter - eligible list
S-65, Confirmation of declination letter - Agency Reduction Transfer List
S-66, Confirmation of declination letter - Redeployment / Reemployment List(s)

Use these forms as masters upon which you may print your agency address and/or logo, and then reproduce with the appropriate list/appointment/employment information when canvassing or confirming declinations. The revisions to previous versions are not major, so you may exhaust any current stocks.

E-mail Canvasses

When you canvass individuals using electronic e-mail, you should apply the same policies as for telephone canvasses. That is, unless you receive a reply directly from the individual you must send that person a canvass letter, and, if the individual declines via e-mail, you must send the appropriate confirming letter.

Reporting to Work

Although we do not indicate this on the canvass letters, you should allow individuals at least 15 calendar days to report to work for positions at Grade 22 or lower, and 30 calendar days for positions at Grade 23 or higher.

[Note: Wondering where this came from? Click here.]

This Policy Bulletin does not replace Advisory Memoranda #93-01 or #93-05 in this section on this topic, to which you should still to refer for information on the use of these forms, intent to appoint and notification of eligibles not selected.


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