Department of Civil Service Forms | Civil Service Commission Forms

Physical and Medical Requirement forms are available here.

Selected health insurance forms are available in NYSHIP Online for — Employees | Retirees

Department of Civil Service Forms  PDF (Fill-in)
55 b/c Appointment Request Form S-90.pdf
Authorization for Disability Record T-252.pdf
Authorization for Verification of Non-Disabled Veteran Credits Use T-252a.pdf
Candidate Disqualification Request Form ADM-155.pdf
Canvass Letter-Eligible List S-60.pdf
Canvass Letter-Eligible List (Page 2 ONLY) S-60.page2.pdf
Canvass Letter-Reemployment List S-61.pdf
Canvass Letter-Redeployment List S-62.pdf
Canvass Letter-ARTLs S-63.pdf
Confirmation of Declination-Regular Eligible List S-64.pdf
Confirmation of declination-ARTLs S-65.pdf
Confirmation of Declination-Reemployment List S-66.pdf
Disability Record Authorization S-7.pdf
Disposition of Veterans Credits S-203.pdf
Employee Application for Change in Title or Salary CC-2E.pdf
Existing Position Description (CC-3) CC-3.pdf
Evaluations of Foreign Education S-916.pdf
HIPAA Privacy Complaint ADM-302.pdf
Mandatory Health Examination, Agency Request for EHS-792.pdf
Medical Examination, Agency Request for EHS-707.pdf
Medical Information, Authorization for Release and Disclosure of EHS-742.pdf
Medical Information, Authorization for Drug/Alcohol Testing and Release of EHS-752.pdf
Medical Information to a State Agency, Authorization for Release and Disclosure of EHS-742-4.pdf
Occupational Health Examinations, Agency Request for EHS-699.pdf
Preplacement Physical Examination Request EHS-769.pdf
Reinstatement Examination Request EHS-705.pdf
Request for Eligible List Status Change S-211.pdf
Request to Change Individual Status on Interdepartmental Promotion Eligible Lists S-211.1.pdf
Request for Reconstructed Seniority Date Under Section 80.3 or 80a.3 S-202.pdf
Request for Reinstatement S-46.pdf
Respirator certification pursuant to OSHA standards EHS-701.8.pdf
Workers with Disabilities Program Application Packet (55-b program) Application Packet
Veterans with Disabilities Program Application Packet (55-c program)
Civil Service Commission Forms  PDF (Fill-in)
Section 211 Application, Pension Waiver Pursuant to Section 211 of the
New York State Retirement and Social Security Law
Leave of Absence Extension CSC-2.pdf
Civil Service Commission Appeal Form CSC-3.pdf