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Active Employees

Welcome to NYSHIP Online, where you will find information on the New York State Health Insurance Program for State and Local Government for active employees. If you are a retiree, please visit NYSHIP Online for Retirees. In order to provide you with targeted information about your benefits, you will need to select your group (negotiating unit) and health insurance plan when prompted. If you are a New York State Active Employee and unsure of your group, our Enrollee Group Wizard will ask you a series of questions in order to determine which group you should select.

This site uses cookies. You have to have cookies enabled so that you will only need to access this page and select your group once. The site will remember your group for future visits. You will have the option of changing your group at any time after the initial log on.

To get started, you MUST select one of the following:

Are you considering changing your NYSHIP health insurance option in 2024?

Click here for quick access to information and tools to help you prepare for the upcoming Option Transfer Period.

Please note that these materials do not apply to employees enrolled in NYSHIP through a Participating Agency (PA) or to graduate student employees in the Student Employee Health Plan (SEHP).