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State Personnel Management Manual
Advisory Memorandum # 97-03

2200 Leaves of Absence
August 19, 1997

To: Department and Agency Personnel, Human Resource and Affirmative Action Offices

From: James W. Sever, Director of Staffing Services

Subject: Revised Processing of Form S-47, Request for Extension of Leave of Absence

Date: August 19, 1997

This Advisory Memorandum should be read in conjunction with Advisory Memorandum No. 96-03, issued March 15, 1996, on the same topic in this section. Form S-47 has been revised to conform with the requirement that requests for discretionary leave extensions be reviewed by State Operations on behalf of the Task Force on State Workforce Management and Employee Deployment. (See the March 22, 1996 Memorandum from James G. Natoli on "Discretionary Leaves of Absence, Civil Service rule 5.2(b)")

Enclosed [for Personnel and Human Resource Offices only] are several copies of the revised form S-47 (8/97). The instructions now require that agencies provide appropriate documentation for review by State Operations before the S-47 is forwarded to the Department of Civil Service.

Use of the revised form and procedure begins with materials submitted for consideration at the October Civil Service Commission meeting.

Please recycle any earlier versions of form S-47. Additional copies are available through your Staffing Services Representative.

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