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State Management Personnel Manual

0600 Jurisdictional Classification

0630 Jurisdictional Classification Procedures

.1 Background

.110 Statutory Authority

.111 The Civil Service Commission has the legal authority and responsibility for jurisdictional classification determinations for all positions in the Classified Civil Service of the State.  The Civil Service Commission considers information provided by the Department of Civil Service and various State agencies and departments when deciding jurisdictional classification issues.

.112 The jurisdictional classification of positions in the Classified Service of the State has been deemed a rulemaking activity that must be carried-out in accordance with the State Administrative Procedures Act (SAPA).

.2 Procedure

.210 Applications

.211 When an agency requests a position classification that involves a jurisdictional classification other than Competitive, the agency must submit an electronic New York STate Electronic Personnel System (NYSTEP) transaction to the Division of Classification and Compensation that contains the prerequisite documents prescribed in SPMM Section 0850(B), Subsection .210 (“Long Form” Transaction).  This NYSTEP transaction must also contain a document addressed to the President of the Civil Service Commission which the Civil Service Commission will consider in regard to the jurisdictional classification issue [See SPMM Section 0850(B), Subsection .217].

.212 When an agency’s request does not involve position classification, the jurisdictional classification request should be sent by letter to the President of the Civil Service Commission with a copy to the Division of Classification and Compensation and the Division of Staffing Services.

.213 To effectuate a jurisdictional classification determination, the Civil Service Commission gives public approval for proposed jurisdictional classification determinations followed by a 45-day minimum public comment period.  The public is notified of the proposed action through publication in the State Register.  At the end of the comment period, the Civil Service Commission will review its proposed determination and any comments received during the public comment period.  If final approval is granted, the Civil Service Commission will adopt a formal resolution, signed by the President of the Commission, and forward same to the Governor for signature.  Resolutions approved by the Governor are then filed with the Secretary of State.  At this point, the Office of Commission Operations edits NYSTEP and the Non-competitive, Exempt and Labor Appendicies, to effectuate the actions taken.

TM-64 - Replaces: All of Section 0600 Dated Prior to August, 2008

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