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0800 Classification and Compensation



.110 Definition

.111 Job Audits are activities initiated and conducted for the purpose of reviewing, observing, and discussing the duties and responsibilities of a position.

.120 Purpose

.121 Job Audits are performed at the discretion of the Division of Classification and Compensation or as a response to an agency and/or employee request for review when:

  1. Assignments and/or duties vary considerably among positions in a class.
  2. Position duties descriptions are incomplete or unclear.
  3. Conflicts of responsibility exist between positions or other unusual situations are present.


.210 Job Audit Procedure

.211 The general procedure followed for performing a Job Audit is:

  1. All Job Audits will be scheduled in advance with the cooperation of agency personnel and supervisory staff.  Employees will also be notified in advance.
  2. Classification Analysts will prepare for each interview by reviewing position descriptions, organization charts, and other relevant information.  Questions will include, but will not be limited to, what tasks are done (when and how) and who assigns and reviews work.
  3. Every attempt will be made to interview an employee(s) at the applicable work site(s) if possible, and there will be no set time limit on each interview.
  4. Supervisors will be interviewed to verify the accuracy of information provided and information obtained during interviews.
  5. Recorded notes will be taken throughout each Job Audit to help with analysis.
.212 More specific information about Job Audits can be found in Chapter 8 of the Classification and Compensation Requests: Agency Manual.

TM-65 - Replaces: All of Section 0800 Dated Prior to August 2008

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