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1840(A) Transfers Between Administrative Titles


.110 Definition of Administrative Titles
Administrative titles are those covered by Section 52.6 of the Civil Service Law. Transfers without further examination shall generally be approved between administrative titles provided they meet the policies for voluntary transfer as stated in 1840, and:

  1. the titles have been determined by the Staffing Services Division to be in one of the following categories: law, personnel, budgeting, methods and procedures, management, records analysis, or administrative research, and,
  2. the title to which transfer is sought does not require special qualifications (e.g. licensure, certification, registration, specific credentials), or the employee seeking transfer possesses those qualifications.


.210 Definition of Management titles
For the purposes of an administrative transfer, a management title shall generally be a title:

  1. allocated to salary grades M-1 through M-8, or
  2. in which the duties performed by the incumbents are primarily direction of a major program of an agency or institution, or in which the duties performed by the incumbents are primarily:
    1. direction of a major program of an agency or institution, or
    2. management of a district office or a local office, or
    3. direct assistance in formulating and interpreting agency-wide policy as a special assistant or as an executive assistant to an agency head.

.211 Titles in which positions are allocated to both M- and S- grades, which do not meet another criterion for administrative titles, will be reviewed by the Director of Classification and Compensation and the Director of Staffing Services to determine whether the duties typical of the title in question fall within the meaning of "management".


.411 The agency having the position to be filled must receive approval from their Staffing Services Representative before submitting the transaction.

.412 Upon the written request of an agency the Staffing Services Representative will determine whether a title falls within the definitions in 1840 (A) .110 and .210 above. The Staffing Services Representative will consult with staff of the Divisions of Classification and Compensation, Diversity Planning and Management, and Testing Services, as appropriate.

.413 If transfer from one title to another is appropriate (or if no change in title is involved) the Staffing Services Representative will confirm that the nomination is in order, i.e., that the proposed transfer meets the requirements of Section 1840.

.414 When the Staffing Services Representative notifies the agency that the transfer is in order, the agency Personnel Office will notify the nominee, confirm that there are no reemployment lists which block the transfer, and initiate submission of the transaction.

.415 The Division of Staffing Services will maintain a list of administrative title determinations which will provide a precedent file for future transfers and denials of transfers

TM-71, Replaces TM-48; +=new; *=revised material; 6/15

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