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1840(D) Voluntary Transfer Checklist

This is a summary of the major factors which must be considered in approving voluntary transfers. It is not intended to supplant the complete and detailed information in the State Personnel Management Manual, or the Civil Service Law, rules and regulations.

The • in the column indicates the factor at the left must be taken into consideration.

The Notes below provide additional information relative to the numbers in the factors/questions.




Are there reemployment lists?
(See Note 1 Below)

Titles are within two S-grades or one M-grade and nominee has served permanently for one year (See Note 2 Below) in the title from which transfer is being made.

Nominee possesses any required special credentials or licenses

This will not be a second, consecutive transfer for the nominee resulting in an advancement of more than two S-grades or one M-grade.(See Note 4 below)

Both titles are administrative (See 1840 (A) )

Transfer is appropriate between titles (See 1840 (B) )  

Nominee meets the current or anticipated open competitive minimum qualifications, did not fail the last promotion or OC examination for the title, and has passed an examination appropriate for the title.    

There are no departmental or interdepartmental promotion lists with three eligibles willing to accept the position to which transfer is sought. (See Note 3 Below)    


  1. Generally Redeployment lists, Agency Reduction Transfer lists, and Preferred lists block voluntary transfers, although certain exceptions may be made. Reemployment rosters and Placement rosters do not. See Policy Bulletin #98-01 in 1825 or in this section for details.
  2. * The one year requirement may be waived by the Director, Division of Staffing Services. The Director's approval is not required to waive the one year if the nominee is reachable on the eligible list for the target title and location. (A nominee's score is considered to be reachable if the list has expired or the year of eligibility on a CR list has expired.) Permanent service in a traineeship leading to the source title may be counted toward the one year requirement. For §52.6 transfers the year of service must be in any §52.6 title or titles within two salary grades of the target title.
  3. Transition lists do not block these transfers.
  4. [An NCP, 70.4, or the successful completion of a traineeship fulfills the requirement for an "intervening examination" for this purpose. If the employee has been reinstated to a position to which they could have transferred via 70.1 or 52.6, and that position is two grades higher than their former position, the employee cannot be again transferred to another two S-grade, or one M –grade, higher position.]

TM-71, Replaces TM-48; +=new; *=revised material; 6/15

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