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State Management Personnel Manual

0800 Classification and Compensation



.110 Statutory Authority

.111 The Civil Service Law (specific section listed in parentheses below) authorizes the Director of the Division of Classification and Compensation to enhance baseline State salaries under certain circumstances. All such determinations are subject to the approval of the Director of the Division of the Budget. Additional information on each can be found in SPMM Section 0870 A through F.

  1. Increased Hiring Salaries (Section 130.4).
  2. Shift Pay Differentials (Section 130.6).
  3. Geographic Pay Differentials (Section 130.7).
  4. Hazardous Duty Differentials (Section 130.9).
  5. Occupational Pay Differentials (Section 130.13).
  6. Appointments Above the Minimum Salary (Section 131.1a).

.120 Purpose

.121 The general purpose of Salary Differentials is to assist State agencies in addressing recruitment and retention difficulties created by market circumstances.

.130 Review, Reassessment, and Rescission

.131 The Division of Classification and Compensation periodically reviews the appropriateness of previously approved Salary Differentials. When appropriate, the Director retains the statutory authority to either reduce or enhance existing Salary Differentials, or terminate (i.e., rescind) existing Salary Differentials.

Replaces Sections 0830; 0840; 0850(B); 0850(D); 0870; 0870(A); 0870(B); 0870(C); 0870(E); 0870(F) -  Dated August, 2008
Replaces 0860 - Dated December 18, 2014

Issued: August 6, 2018

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