Request for Proposals

ENTITLED: "New York State Health Insurance Program Decision Support System (DSS)"

Release Date: May 29, 2024

Proposal Due Date: August 1, 2024 3:00 p.m. ET

The New York State Health Insurance Program Decision Support System (DSS) RFP has been Amended as of July 11, 2024

All inquiries, questions, filings and submission of Proposals must be directed in writing to:

NYS Department of Civil Service
Attn: Office of Financial Administration
Empire State Plaza, Swan Street Building, Core 1
Albany, New York 12239


Table of Contents  

Request for Proposals

New York State Health Insurance Program Decision Support System (DSS) RFP Amended July 11, 2024


APPENDIX A - Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts, dated June 2023

APPENDIX B - Standard Clauses for All Department of Civil Service Contracts, dated March 2024

APPENDIX C - Information Security Requirements, dated March 2024


ATTACHMENT 1 Offeror Affirmation of Understanding and Agreement

ATTACHMENT 2 Procurement Lobbying Policy

ATTACHMENT 3 Formal Offer Letter

ATTACHMENT 4 Questions Template

ATTACHMENT 5 NYS Department of Civil Service Debriefing Guidelines

ATTACHMENT 6 Non-Material Deviations Template

ATTACHMENT 7 Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Request for Redaction Chart

ATTACHMENT 8 Biographical Sketch Form

ATTACHMENT 9 Key Subcontractors or Affiliates

ATTACHMENT 10 Proposal Submission Requirement Checklist

ATTACHMENT 11 NYS Consultant Services Contractor's Planned Employment

ATTACHMENT 12 NYS Required Certifications

ATTACHMENT 13 NYS Subcontractors and Suppliers

ATTACHMENT 14 Offeror Attestations Form

ATTACHMENT 15 Glossary of Defined Terms

ATTACHMENT 16 Performance Guarantees

ATTACHMENT 17 Implementation Fee Form

ATTACHMENT 18 Ongoing Operations Monthly Fee Form

ATTACHMENT 19 Additional User Fees Form

ATTACHMENT 20 Data Provider Start-Up Fee Form

ATTACHMENT 21 Additional Consulting Services Fees Form

ATTACHMENT 22 Additional Fees Data Analysis Form

ATTACHMENT 23 Additional Fees CMS Rate Comparison Form


EXHIBIT 1 Empire Plan Number of Paid Services and Claims

EXHIBIT 2 Data Elements Average File Size Amended July 8, 2024

EXHIBIT 3 Data Storage Amended July 8, 2024

EXHIBIT 4 DSS Data Suppliers Record Counts and Sizes Amended July 8, 2024

EXHIBIT 5 NYSHIP Eligibility Layout

EXHIBIT 6 Anthem Blue Cross Layout

EXHIBIT 7 UnitedHealthcare Layout

EXHIBIT 8 Carelon Behavioral Health Layout

EXHIBIT 9 Carelon Behavioral Health Bad Debt and Charity Layout

EXHIBIT 10 CVS Caremark Layout

EXHIBIT 11 Anthem Blue Cross Dental Layout


Response to Questions Amended July 8, 2024