Request for Proposals 

ENTITLED: "Vision Plan Services"

Release Date: June 14, 2021

Proposal Due Date:July 26, 2021, 3:00 p.m. ET

Attachment 3 has been Amended as of 7/6/2021.

Attachment 17 has been Amended as of 7/6/2021.

Official Responses to Offerors' Questions has been Amended as of 7/7/2021.

Important Notice: A Restricted Period under the Procurement Lobbying Law is currently in effect for this Procurement and it will remain in effect until State Comptroller approval of the resultant contract. During the Restricted Period for this Procurement ALL communications must be directed, in writing, solely to the Designated Contact as listed in Section 2 of this RFP and shall be in compliance with the Procurement Lobbying Law and the NYS Department of Civil Service "Rules Governing Conduct of Competitive Procurement Process" (refer to RFP, Section 2: Procurement Protocol and Process).

All inquiries, questions, filings and submission of Proposals must be directed in writing to:

NYS Department of Civil Service
Attn: Office of Financial Administration, Floor 17
Agency Building 1, Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12239


Table of Contents  

Request for Proposals

Vision Plan Services RFP


APPENDIX A - Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts, dated October 2019

APPENDIX B - Standard Clauses for All Department Contracts, dated April 2020

APPENDIX C - Information Security Requirements, dated September 2020

APPPENDIX C-1 - Glossary for Appendix B & C, dated April 2020


ATTACHMENT 1 - Offeror Affirmation of Understanding and Agreement

ATTACHMENT 2 - Procurement Lobbying Policy

ATTACHMENT 3 - Formal Offer Letter

ATTACHMENT 4 - Questions Template

ATTACHMENT 5 - NYS Department of Civil Service Debriefing Guidelines

ATTACHMENT 6 - Performance Guarantees

ATTACHMENT 7 - New York State Required Certifications

ATTACHMENT 8 - Non-Material Deviations Template

ATTACHMENT 9 - Subcontractors or Affiliates

ATTACHMENT 10 - Compliance with NYS Workers' Compensation Law

ATTACHMENT 11 - Freedom of Information Law Request for Redaction Chart

ATTACHMENT 12 - New York State Subcontractors and Suppliers

ATTACHMENT 13 - Offeror Attestations Form

ATTACHMENT 14 - Biographical Sketch Form

ATTACHMENT 15 - Non-Network Reimbursement Schedule

ATTACHMENT 16 - Participating Provider/Laser Vision Correction Surgery Fee Schedule and Administrative Fee Form

ATTACHMENT 17 - Participating Provider Network Access Summary

ATTACHMENT 18 - Offeror's Current Participating Provider Network File

ATTACHMENT 19 - Offeror's Participating Provider Quest Analytics Report

ATTACHMENT 20 - Enrollment Counts by Zip Code

ATTACHMENT 21 - Vision Plan Enrollment by Group

ATTACHMENT 22 - Distribution of Vision Plan Enrollees by Agency

ATTACHMENT 23 - Summary of Benefit Eligibility by Group

ATTACHMENT 24 - Summary of Covered Benefits by Group

ATTACHMENT 25 - Quarterly Performance Guarantee Report

ATTACHMENT 26 - Medical Exception Program Utilization

ATTACHMENT 27 - Monthly Paid Claims Data Report

ATTACHMENT 28 - Detailed Record Layout

ATTACHMENT 29 - Upgrade Program Utilization - Dresswear

ATTACHMENT 30 - Upgrade Program Utilization - Occupational

ATTACHMENT 31 - Claims Utilization Data from 2016 to 2020

ATTACHMENT 32 - Indemnity Utilization

ATTACHMENT 33 - Summary of Contact Lenses Covered by the Plan

ATTACHMENT 34 - NYS Police Respirator Insert Dispenser Instructions

ATTACHMENT 35 - Health Fairs


Response to Questions - amended 7/7/2021

Vision 2018-2020 Claims by Bargaining Unit


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