Appendix H
February 2010

TO: Manual Recipients
FROM: Blaine Ryan-Lynch, Director of Staffing Services
SUBJECT: Leave Donation Program for Employees Represented by the United University Professions (UUP)

The Governor's Office of Employee Relations has requested that we issue the following information regarding participation of employees in the State University Professional Services Negotiating Unit (PSNU) represented by the United University Professions (UUP) in the Leave Donation Program.

In order to be eligible to donate leave credits, employees in the PSNU must be calendar year or college year employees eligible to accrue vacation leave credits pursuant to Article 23.2 of the State/UUP Agreement.  However, in order to receive donated leave credits employees in this unit must be a calendar year, college year or academic year employee eligible to earn leave credits.  In other words, donors must be eligible to earn vacation credits; vacation credits are the only accruals which may be donated.  Recipients must be eligible to earn leave credits, not necessarily vacation credits.  For example, academic year employees who meet certain eligibility requirements described in Article 23.4 of the State/UUP Agreement earn sick leave but not vacation credits.  These employees are therefore eligible to receive leave donations but cannot donate leave.  Other Leave Donation Program eligibility provisions for employees in this Unit remain unchanged.

Under the terms of the 2007-2011 State/UUP Agreement, provisions authorizing donation of leave credits across agency lines by employees other than family members are no longer a pilot program. Donations made across agency lines must be used prior to donations made within the State University.

See Appendix A-45(External Link)of the 2007-2011 State/UUP Agreement for a full description of the Leave Donation Program provisions for employees in this Unit.

Questions should be addressed to the Attendance and Leave Unit of this Department at (518) 457-2295.