Frequently Asked Questions

Classification & Compensation

Current State Employees

What is the dollar amount for a particular salary grade?
The dollar amount for a salary grade depends on its bargaining unit. Please refer to the salary schedule for the appropriate bargaining unit.
How long does it take to get from the hiring rate to the job rate?
It varies by bargaining unit. For example, CSEA and PEF employees typically move from the hiring rate to the job rate in seven years, and the length varies for Managerial/Confidential employees.
I am being promoted and I earn more than the hiring rate of the higher level position. What will my new salary be?
Questions regarding salary calculations should be addressed to the Office of the State Comptroller's Payroll Unit.
How do I request a change in title and/or salary grade?
You may file an application CC-2E directly with the Director of the Division of Classification and Compensation to change your title and/or salary grade. Your application will then subsequently be submitted to your agency for comments.

Personnel Administrators

How do I get a Classification Standard on the Title & Salary Plan?
If there is a number listed under the Standard column and there is a link, click on the link. If there is a number listed under the Standard column but there is no link or no number is listed, the Classification Standard is not available through this website. You should contact the agency in which the position exists.
I had a filled position extended but OSC tells me that the appointment ends on the day that the position was to expire. What should I do?
Contact your Status Examiner to have the appointment recertified.
How do I reactivate a sunset NYSTEP request?
Sunset NYSTEP transactions cannot be reactivated. You must start a new transaction. The item number(s) on a sunset request can be reused.

Job Seeker

How do I find out the salary of a position for which I am interviewing in the Court System?
The Court System falls outside the jurisdiction of the Department of Civil Service. The Court System has its own separate salary schedules and should be contacted directly at (212) 428-2515.
How do I get information on New York State titles and salaries?
Refer to the Classification and Compensation Classification section of the Resources for New York State HR Professionals web page.