New York Occupational Codes

Code Definition
00 Unclassified positions - Executive Branch & Certain Exempt Deputy Commissioners
01 Account Clerical and audit clerical
02 Agency fiscal administrators
03 Banking, Insurance and Financial Security regulation and administration
04 Professional Accountants and Auditors
05 Not in use
06 Tax Administrators
07 Statistical and actuarial (including appropriate clerical)
08 IT and computer systems designers, analysts and programmers (including appropriate clerical)
09 Farming and animal handlers
10 Grounds Maintenance
11 Horticulture and related
12 Veterinarians and animal industry positions
13 Marketing and farm products inspection
14 Public Service Personnel, Manpower Management, Employee Relations, Training, Staff Development and Affirmative Action
15 Parks and Recreation positions and forestry titles
16 Environmental Conservation
17 Program Planners and Program Analysis
18 Stores, institution support services, purchasing and surplus property
19 Hospital and institution business administration, and office management
20 Budget Examiners and Analysts
21 Transportation analysts, planners-and specialists
22 Public Relations, Education and Information
23 Public Service Commission titles and real estate and property management titles
24 Econometric, Planning and Research titles
25 General Clerical
26 Keyboarding Titles (not secretaries - See 29)
27 Mail and Supply and office machine operators
28 General Administration
29 Secretaries to officials
30 Building, cleaning and custody
31 Food preparation and service, and baking and food production
32 Reserved - SUNY Const. Fund Unclassified
33 Clothing repair and cleaning
34 Teachers' Retirement
35 Professional education positions in the Education Department requiring training and experience in education (See 39)
36 Library titles
37 State University unclassified service titles
38 Museum, science service and archivists
39 Institution education including vocational instruction
40 General Civil Engineering
41 Electrical Engineering
42 Building operational engineering
43 Building and mechanic construction engineering
44 Sanitary, Health and Environmental Engineering
45 Public Service Commission engineering
46 Tax Valuation Engineering
47 Industrial and Safety Engineering
48 Professional Architecture (See 50)
49 Architectural and building specifications writing
50 Landscape Architecture
51 Architectural and engineering drafting and related
52 Medical and Public Health
53 Dentists, Barbers and Beauticians
54 Not in use
55 Nursing and patient care (See 56) and volunteer services
56 Public Health Nursing
57 Physical Therapy and related
58 Education Unclassified
59 Occupational, Recreational, Speech and Hearing Therapy
60 Not in use
61 Scientists and Psychologists
62 Laboratory, x-ray and hospital technicians
63 Pharmacists and other titles requiring pharmacy background
64 Food and health inspection
65 Attorneys
66 Investigators
67 Cable Television titles
68 Insurance underwriting and claims examining including workers' compensation and unemployment insurance
69 General maintenance and construction
70 Building trades
71 Building operation
72 Maintenance and canal operations
73 Mechanical maintenance and equipment operation including motor equipment maintenance (See 76)
74 Marine vessel operation
75 Plant utilities
76 Motor Vehicle and Aircraft Operation
77 Printing and book repair
78 Public Safety Inspectors
79 Prison Industry titles
80 Not in use
81 Social Work titles
82 Ministerial and child care and supervision
83 Rehabilitation Services
84 Employment Assistance
85 Industrial Relations
86 Parole and probation
87 Security, police and correction officer
88 Correction inspection
89 Motor vehicle program titles
90 TV and motion picture, racing and wagering
91 Civil Defense
92 State Police
93 Legislature
94 Judiciary
95 Temporary Commissions
96 Military and Naval Affairs (not Civil Service)
97 CUNY unclassified
99 Temporary job training titles - mostly casual titles